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Indroduce Myself

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Glenda Bagley, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Hi I'm Glenda I have always been trying to find my place in life. And in the last 2 years my life has changed so much. I found a good Husband after my failing in others marriages . I am looking for a place I can talk with other Christians that want to help each other though there walk with the lord. I want to learn and I want to share what I have already learn to others who what to ear the word of god. And what he can do for all of use with his love that he gives use with out asking. So I'm eager to learn and help other show me what to do. thank you Lord.
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  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Glenda Bagley
    Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus.

    I hope you find the fellowship and growth in Christ Jesus that you are looking for here.

    Once again be welcome.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  3. thank you. Just look for like people that love god as will as my husband and I.
  4. TH
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Glenda Bagley

    Enjoy the forums and online Christian fellowship.
  6. Welcome to the forum, hope you find blessings here.
  7. Glenda, so glad to have you here. I hope you are encouraged in your walk with the Lord.
  8. Thanks just trying to find others to talk to about Christ. I do have a church family and I like where I'm at with them. But I find that they are church member that are not excited as I am of what God can do. And are not looking to him as much as I thought. I did not relies that people where on at a different level with God. I'm just relies that my family that I thought had a background of going to church do not understand at all what I'M talking about. This last Easter I asked my Mom if she want to go to church and I would take her to her church. She said Well I doing know. I said Why. Will they are not like what I was use to going to church on Easter Sunday . I ask what was different. Will they don't dress up for Easter. Like we use to with our Sunday best. We where not rich growing up. But we always dress nice for Easter. Mom would get use a new outfit and we have Easter egg hunts after church. She said well they don't do any of that. I told her there's more to it than that. She said I know. She know Christ died for our sin. But Like most People don't want to think about it. They are wrap up in there every day life. And worry what's Going to happen tomorrow. Will what I'm looking for is others that can show me that I'm on the right track. And show other what I have learned and what to learn more. We all most likely go to different churches but aren't we all looking for the something at the end of life. God Love and Help other people close to use that they maybe be there too. It say's pray and don't stop praying in the end time because there is so much hate and evil know. We have to stay on guard with our Amor if God at all time Ephesian 6;12,18. The devil takes hold of your mind and makes use think bad thing's. I am still learn how to control my mind thoughts. Plus I feel I'm making up for lost time I waist on not been Close to God in my younger . God Bless look forward in talk to others About Christ and his Love for use all.
  9. Hi Glenda welcome am glad you excited about God and Hes working in your life!

    Did you come from a traditional church background it sounds like...? Sometimes its harder to convince our parents because they set in their ways. Just keep praying for your mum.

    If your mum wants to dress up then you dress up too. We can be clothed in Christ, its not a bad thing. Just last Sunday the church I go to has White Sunday which is an island tradition, and all the children dress in white and declare scriptures they've learned in Sunday school, sing songs, dance etc. The pastors daughter got up and preached.

    Yes people are at differnt levels with God, and sometimes people havent really grasped who He is, they may go to church but not really know Him, cos they havent been born again...
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  10. Thank you for your word. yes I will do that with my mom thanks.
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