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Incredible testimony

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Had the pleasure to see this live this past sunday and wanted to share it, as it really moved me, maybe it will bless you to.

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Greetings Dave,

forgive me please but i haven't watched it yet due to putting the hour aside to do so. I did see a short 'version 'though.

He came so close, didn't he, and then splat! Yet see now what he can do and even more how he has found himself in a deeper place with his faith.

Bless you ....><>
SPOILER in case you dont have time to watch

quick summary of key point, his father was not around at all and did not believe in God,but his father gave him 30 days to help in his recovery living with him, once his father saw how he was handling his injury all through God, his father gave his life to Jesus, and Inky said that was far more important then some silly NFL contract,
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