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In the Potter's Hand

Staff Member
In the Potter's Hand - September 29, 2005

"Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand." Isaiah 64:8 (NIV)

I recently went for a back massage to help relieve some terrible pain that was caused by a muscle strain. As I lay on the table, the masseuse worked hard to knead my back, straining as she placed her strong elbows into the very crux where the pain originated. She held her elbow for what felt like hours, into the core of a muscle that was tight and searing in pain.

Then, I heard her say "let me know if the pressure is too much or too little?" Although I felt my face tighten and my toes curling from the burning in my tendons, I uttered, "the pressure is great, you can even go a little harder if you'd like." What? Am, I crazy? Here I was, my head spinning wondering how much more I can take, and yet, I just gave her permission to press even harder. I must be out of my mind! But, I was vulnerable and knew I had to trust her and that the work she had begun would lead to a greater good: to be relieved of the pain I was suffering.

As she continued to squeeze, push and pull, my body got used to the pressure and it started to feel good. The healing had begun. The precious blood flowing inside my veins was starting to make the sore spot well. It had released the tension and allowed me to breathe easier. Then she placed a generous amount of warm oil over my whole back and gently worked it into my exhausted and sore flesh. The oil felt so good and soothing. It was as if the knots in my back were being released and untied one by one, gently and purposely.

I was reminded of the picture of the potter in God's Holy Word. We know that we start out as nothing more than a worthless lump of clay in the Almighty Potter's hands. But, by His mercy and grace, we are formed into beautiful and precious vessels made to serve and honor our King. And by this grace, we allow the Potter to touch places that hurt so much; places you don't ever want touched. As we let God work the pain, work the knots, work the pride, work the disobedience, it can only lead to restoration and healing. The Potter must get into the deep-rooted places that hurt the most. He will continue to hold you close and pour His living water and oil over and into you. He will wash away the pain and agony until He is satisfied that it is complete. Then He stops the potter's wheel from spinning and tenderly guides you on to the continued path of righteousness that He has set before you.

It is then, and only then, that the reveal of the work of the Potter's hand is made known. How wonderful it is to be a continual creation of our master's hand- a marvel of workmanship in His eyes.

Remember, the next time God places you on His own Potter's wheel- lay back and enjoy the ride. it's worth every precious moment!

Contributed by Diane Check

God is so awesome how He can mold us like clay in His hands. In my own experience I can see how much I have changed under the direction of the Lord. I have gone from a shy, timid, oppressed woman to one that is bold and able to face whatever obstacle comes (with the Lord by my side of course). No matter how hard we try we cannot change ourselves, but God can do anything. I am so glad today that I am with the Lord, and that he continues to mold me into what He intended me to be.