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In the Morning of Life

Staff Member
In the Morning of Life

Thank you GOD for the blessings out of your grace in Jesus Christ
Thank you Father in Heaven for every drop of rain I call grateful
There is no one like you not from where I stand nor where you are
The water of life you offer through you my Savior is favorably tasteful

I thank you for this woman you’ve made she’s as sweet as a rose in bloom
My eyes long to look into her own to capture a riveting dream in her dream room
This moment I cherish I’m thinking of you all along I cherish every whisper and song
I thank you GOD for your creation I see the one I’ve waited for, for so long

In the valley of my mind I see two likes combined
This man will become one with this woman so fine
All past will be left behind while the new life begins
In the morning of life GOD will make new all things

I’m floating on thoughts of you pretty woman as I smile every single day
I look ahead at our future one with GOD still smiling the same way
You are the reason I want to wake up and thank GOD for this life
You are the reason I’m a happy breathing man waiting to call you my wife

Thank you GOD for what you’ve done for me
I’ve gone into paradise from the land of misery
Thank you Jesus for being my eternal Lord & Savior
Everyday I thank you for your graceful favors

Now faith has grown into the limitless sky
As I declare authority in Your Name
No reason to ever wonder what if or why
I’m a faithful servant within Your frame

In the morning of life
I know who is to be my bride my wife
It’s a brand new day and she will witness my deeds when I apply every word I say
In the morning of life