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In Search of Spirituality

Staff Member
In Search of Spirituality - October 20, 2005

Raising my hand in anthropology class, I called out, "professor?"

"Yes John, what's your question?"

"You said that there is evidence that every human civilization in the historical record has participated in some type of spiritual ritual or worship. Why do you think this is the case?"

"Well, that's really outside of the scope of this course. Anthropologists study all humans in all places and in all times. We can tell you that civilizations believed in a spirit world because we can observe the evidence of their ceremonies. However, anthropologists can't tell you why they believed. The scientific method is not very helpful in this regard."

Feeling disappointed by the answer, I pressed for more insight. "Why do you think they all believed in a spirit world? What's your opinion?"

The professor looked uncomfortable as he evaded the question. "My opinion is not important to our class discussion" He quickly ended the questioning and went back to the course outline on the over head projector. His body language indicated he was uneasy with the thought of discussing spirituality in class.

I later learned that many university professors are ostracized by their colleagues for expressing a belief in God. Public universities in particular are under intense pressure by the Government to maintain a separation of Church and State, or risk the loss of funding. This is not to say that all hope is lost. Academic scholars, such as Huston Smith and Stephen Mitchell, for example, have contributed significantly to the exploration and discussion of a metaphysical world. However, many religious experts are often hidden in the Ivory League schools and very rarely reach the average citizen. Instead, the mainstream population acquires its spiritual enlightenment from the mass media, which are far from qualified. This conundrum perpetuates the deception. Spiritual thinkers must transcend the deception of the world if we are to truly understand our existence.

Contributed by John R. Maculley, Jr

Hi John,

I must agree with you the danger of a Forum such as this is that the blind can be leading the blind? Obviously this does not apply to the leadership in this case, but the Forum can be so unwieldy that things can I would think be missed for a time, this would fester like an infected ulcer.

On the other hand we can be so strictly Moderated that only the Elder-ship is allowed to speak and the rest as such ignored. Again not what I have found here, or I wouldn't be here!!!

I think the present course of direction is as right as it could be! I would like us to prayer and hope that Christian love and fortitude could continue to be exercised as we go forward attempting to discern the direction and will of God here, for I know it is already happening. Fostering a need on everyones part to seek the Lord in all His ways. Exercising the little grey cells in a useful spiritual exercise each time we come here to remain fresh in the Spirit so that we don't grow idol; which always leads to mischief???

And not in a frame of mind that we are not prepared to listen to learn-ed men such as Christian Professors when they walk in the light of God!

"Rise up, let us go. See, My betrayer is at hand." [Mark 14: 42.].

Yours in His ever Loving-tender-kindness,



Hi Chad,

Food for thought. I believe in Evangelising but it is not so long since I was a non-believer. The non-believer can be scared off by religious jargon very, very easily. It is important that we facilitate them coming to Jesus but not by trying to force it as that instigates rebellion and causes the opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve.

A guy who helped me most in the Evangelical church asked me why I decided to come to church. I told him that I had an emptiness and I was looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. He simply said "The best advice I can give you is do not feel pressure to become involved and put you name down for things, just because you are asked. Take the all the time you feel you need. I really hope you find what you are looking for." When I wasn't being pushed is when I became more curious in God, which in turn brought me closer to him and the church.

The evil one can put fear into non-believers and they don't even know it. I would dearly love for my family to become believers the more I try to talk to them about God the further I push them away. I was brought up being to told to fear religious people and be wary of them. I was told all sorts of things by my family.

As a child, I felt pressured by my Aunt to believe just because she gave me a picture of Jesus to colour in. Non-believers can be quite sensitive and have also been warned away from religion by other atheists (that may I add can often have their own personal axes to grind).

Living life in the way of Christianity is the best way to open peoples minds. I falter constantly but each time, I must pick myself up and continue my journey. I've not long started out so I probably have some way to go.

Lets hope I (now a believer) and all the other non-believers get to where we belong.

God Bless
Resting in the Lord!

Hi Eve,

You were fortunate to find a Christian Brother who new the Lord in that Church! Not all in a Church are that deep with Jesus. It's a wonder you were not roped into this and that? Some parts of the Church cannot understand that the spiritual life does not consist of coffee mornings, meetings and jumble sales. Useful as they are to Churches.

I hope you are resting in the Lord and awaiting on His guidance still, even if He has already given you something to do. I don't know your background in depth but Bible Study, Prayer Group may be a couple of ways forward?

Don't rush into anything, even some of my suggestions. I don't know whether you know it but despite a possible murky past, now you are saved, you are washed clean in your salvation! Alleluia!

A clean slate, and if there is a blot just arrived on that slate recently, take it to the Lord ask for His forgiveness, and wipe the slate clean again!

Please do not be offended by my ramblings if that is what they appear to be to you? But break one of the first commandments for me Eve, (No not that one!). Learn to love yourself first! Then you can love automatically your neighbour. God's Love, your already in His arms anyway when you were saved. Aren't you!!!!!!

I am trying to do something that has been neglected for such a long time it seems, prayer to the Lord, talk to Him, and expect to hear from Him in some way. The penny dropped when I got here "Let us sit down and reason together!" "Though your sins are scarlet I will wash you as white as snow!" Now there's a promise for you. Never mind where you think you are at? Ask Him to wash you clean not with water but with the Anointing of His Holy Spirit!

I will soon with His aid be able to prayer again with power and incite with the Aid of the Lord! I will pray for your family with your permission! I'm sure it is already happening on this Forum anyway. Time for me to visit the Prayer Forum!

I know what it's like to meet a brick wall with children and friends. You know what the quickest turn off is? Yes it is quoting Bible verses at them. It is something totally foreign to a worldly person, the shutters go up and the blinds come down.

The way to win them over is to let them see how you love the Lord by your actions. The miracle is in the change they see in you. Yet they still know it's you? That can be unnerving for them, "She's flipped, you know, she has!"

Show love anyway, and most importantly His Inner Peace in you! If you feel settled in yourself it will show. After the family sarcasm has settled down you'll get, "There's something wrong here she's still different?" A Peculiar Person for the Lord? Have you found any Christian friends here on this site you can talk to. Your Moderator, (In place of the Elder in a normal Church, hopefully here).

A friend amongst the women so that you can share womanly things together, possibly Email or Private Message, bearing in mind the world is watching and listening! (But with great care in what you say, and to whom! Possibly a Lady amongst the Moderators for personal things?).

"Come now, let us reason together,"
says the Lord.
Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
they shall be like wool."
[The Beloved Yahveh, Isaiah.1:18, NIV. Praise the Lord!].

The Lord Bless you Eve,

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