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In real need of prayer. Family issues


I've been having some problems with a family member in recent weeks and it is tearing me up inside. All due to what another family member said, which was untrue and made it to look as if I had done something bad. Worse thing is, this other family member who falsified facts is a "Christian". I saw this family member recently and she was acting kind to me, trying to talk to me as if she had done absolutely nothing. She is unaware of the fact that I already know what she did/said. She was proving to be a complete two face.

I know this person did it with malice and had the intention of causing problems between me and my cousin. Now my cousin is not really wanting to talk to me anymore. I can't let it go because I can't get over the fact that what was said is not true. I did nothing wrong.

I can't help but feel very hurt and confused because I had done so much for both of them and I feel betrayed. But inside, I have already forgiven them.

I've been depressed and have my ups and downs, mostly downs, on a daily basis because of this. I know I shouldn't allow it but it consumes me every day, it is on my mind a lot which affects me tremendously and it makes it hard to focus. Even in those minutes when I can forget about my problem and laugh about something, I come to the realization that I have this problem again and feel horrible for even that moment of joy that I had experienced. It is like this dark cloud hovering over me that won't go away, won't allow me to be happy. I don't want to be near anyone and just want to be in my bed all day when at home.

Im praying and clinging onto hope that The Lord will restore things to the way they used to be. I just in need of a sign, something. Anything to have that reassurance from god, that everything will be ok. Please pray for me.

To be quite honest, I feel pathetic even writing this here, thinking how silly this might sound to some of you. I know other people are going through much worse and here I am going on about my insignificant family issues. I know it may not appear to be a big deal, but it is truly affecting me in the worse possible way. I just ask god to please let it end.

I need help. I need prayers. Please.
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Heavenly Father I bring this situation to you, and this dear brother. I ask you Lord to undertake and resolve this situation and bring your peace to all involved. Let your peace rule in every heart I pray in Jesus Name. Amen
Stephen and Brad,

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

One thing that I didn't mention earlier is that I also suffer from anxiety, which is why it makes the situation difficult for me.

Please keep me in your prayers.

God bless.
Dear Lord,
Help awesomejc go in love to his two faced family member and ask her to go to his cousin that was offended by her lie and tell the truth to make things right. Give her a heart to do what is right dear Lord and if not, let awesomejc go to her pastor with his offended cousin and let the pastor know what she did. Let this help dear Lord, but if not, help the pastor to let the entire congregation know what she did. Thanks Lord for hearing this prayer. Amen!

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