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In need

Brothers and sisters,
I humbly request prayer for a recent situation which arose today. My basement is being soaked with raw sewage. It appears as though my pipes are clogged somewhere between the house and the street. But we are not sure at this point. We are talking to plumbers now. Hopefully it won't be a huge problem and can be fixed with some liquid plumber. ;) Until we find out more, could you please keep us in prayer? Thank you so much.

Forever with Christ,
Yes please keep us in your prayers... as you know the clean up can be rather gross and 3 little ones and no potty or water is also a challenge...

The plumber is here now and hopefully it wont be to much longer and the price will be ok too..

Dear Father I come to you for my husband and I Lord this is really a aggravating situation Lord please help us not to take the frustration out on each other.. I thank you Lord for taking such good care of us I know it will be ok.. Father there are so many fiery darts coming at us Lord I ask for a hedge of protection from these recent attacks.. Lord help me when I am angry to remember the love.. Place a joyfull song in my heart Lord to keep the anger out .. In Jesus name I pray Amen..

Thank you everyone for keeping us in your prayers

Love in Christ
(Nigh's Wife)
Nigh and Bobbie, you know you guys are in our prayers. It seems like alot of our christain friends are having troubles right now. When the church is under attack like this. Usually we are in for a major break through.

Keep your eyes on Him who sits on the throne. And remember to give thanks in all things. Even in the eye of the :lightning . He will deliver us, and make a way.

Your sister in Christ,

Sorry to hear this, we will be praying for all of you. We had a well go bad on us a few years ago, and only dirty brown smelly water was coming out. Well we got a little fearful with no money at the time and such...long story short God helped us, all things will work together for good to them that love the lord. He is a helper to them with no helper... Praise him.

God bless
Dear Father God,

Forgive us for our sins and help us to forgive others of theirs. I lift all the members & visitors up to You on this talkjesus site and ask that You would look upon them and consider them and listen to their prayers and answer them. May each one be sure to seek You in all of their doings and trust that, as You have told us, Father, that we plan our ways but You direct our steps. Help us in our unbeliefs and give us the mind-set, the encouragement, and the energy to do those things that You want us to do.

Be with the two mentioned above, Father, and hear their prayers and help them to, completely, trust in You and not to lean on their own understandings.

In Jesus Christ's name, against all evil, I pray, Amen.
I want to thank the Lord and everyone for their prayers...

We had the plumber come and he was able to get the clog out ( he said it was large) very good news is that there are no roots in the lines ( we have a huge pine tree in our yard)

So after a fee that was livable and alot of cleaning ( two gallons of bleach and two bottles of mister clean) Everything is better!

God is GOOD !

Love in Christ
Just like to say we should hold this family up in prayer, as they may be haveing difficult times, so keep praying for them. Remember to pray always with all supplication, at all times, for all saints....

God bless

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