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In need of prayer

Can anyone pray for my lost passport to turn up soon? My trip is on 8/6. For God to give a sign where it is or to make it eventually just turn up? I have lost hope that I'll be leaving this country anytime soon (USA)

I can't find it and its been lost for 3 weeks in my home. If anyone knows, its God and at this point I hoping God will show up.
I am praying for your situation, @SmileyJanell, but sometimes we do not get what we pray for... so be ready if that should happen. God knows what will happen.
Praying for you, too. God knows where it is, and if he wants you to have it, he can show you where it is. It is true, I agree, that sometimes God intervenes and we don't always get what we want because he is stopping us for some reason, perhaps to spare our lives, so pray that God's will be done in this matter.