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In need of peace.

I asked for prayer for my family, husband and marriage a while back. Well, my husband left the house in early April. Since than I found out that he was seeing a married woman (the same one he had the emotional affair with 5 years ago) with a 10 month old son (not his). I'm trying to stay as civil as possible and work things out for the sake of our 5 year old. For me, the hardest part in all this has been seeing my son's sad eyes and trying to answer his question as to why daddy isn't coming home. Everyday is a struggle. I hurt so much, I feel so betrayed and humiliated. Yet, I know I have to lay my emotions aside and try to do what is best for my son. Please keep my son and I in prayer. As for my husband, my prayer or request for prayer for him is that he do what is right for his son and not fight me in the courts. Putting my son through that would be cruel and insensitive. Please, my son and I need all the prayer we can get!
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I will pray for you sister.

Coincidence that today's verse reflects on this?

Today's Verse

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Isaiah 40:28-29/NIV
Loving You both and thinking of you both

My experience is from your son's position, my dad left me and my mum, for another woman when i was 2 months old. He never bothered to seek me out or even pay for maintenance etc... But like you my mum, was strong and and took authority over her broken heart, and mine. She had to watch the other woman take her husband and son away on trips every few months (that only lasted for half a year).
Know this, you have an army of angels watching over you and an army of Christians loving you, but most importantly Jesus is right there, with you. I know it is easy to say take hope and strength from that and from the support, when i am not living in your shoes and experiencing your pain. But do you what the pain will eventually go, your son will grow into a wonderful young man, who will know you are his security, and that you will not abandon him. You are a great mother, and i am positive a great wife. You will move on from this, just take it a minute at a time, keep praying breath prayers; "Jesus i recieve you," "Jesus i recieve your peace, your grace and your power."

My aunt is a single mother of two young boys, Daniel 12, and Arron 7. Their dad left them, but their mum, rose up in her anointing and love for them, God gave her the increase, and an anointing of endurance. Which can only come from God. The pain will pass, and any issues that arrive at your door, be it through your letter box or via telephone, you will survive, as will your wee boy. Read Psalm 91, it is for you and your boy. "May the blood of Jesus cover all the stress and pain being forced at you, we reject them in Jesus name, by His blood we command it." And do you know what i know you make your son smile, and you make God smile. In brotherly love Davie.
Well said sister strypes. Like the song goes, "there is no rock, there is no God like our God."

He will keep you, and comfort you. Do not let your heart be troubled. Yes it is normal for you to be upset, but dont worry about where he is. Just worry about that little angel of yours, and keep your thoughts on him. He is depending on you to help him, and you should depend on God to help you.
I'm praying for you.

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Thank you

Thank you for those of you who are praying for me and my son. I can with thankfulness say that today I felt more at peace. However, my husband is trying to make things difficult. It seems that the more I try to be civil and deal with him in an amicable manner, the meaner he gets. He recently asked me to please look for his bible. I was a bit disturbed by this request because for the last 3 years he refused to pick up his bible or have anything to do with the Word of God or church. He would ask people to not pray for his marriage but instead pray for an easy and smooth divorce. He went as far as to tell me that "there is the devil and there is me". He tried his best to brake me so that I would throw him out. He ordered me to stop attending church and not to have any of my church friends in his house. This is the same church he attended for at least 20 years. When I asked him "oh now your back to reading your bible?" He replied that I know of I serve the same forgiving God that you do. I realize that God is a forgiving merciful God but this man is having an affair with a married woman, he walked out on his family turned from God and refused to serve while he was unhappy but now that he is satisfying his flesh and he has his mistress by his side he is now ready to serve God. I wonder, does God truly honor this????
He sounds to me like hes trying to justify his actions and in a twisted way appease his obviously guilty consience before God.You know the truth yourself,try not to get into a wordy debate with him over it,it will only make you more miserable.Continue to pray for peace in your life sister and i will do likewise.