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In need of Bible verses!

Hey, me and my friend are doing Bible discussions w/ my friend that isnt a christian. We love her to death so we feel like we need to help her out. I was just wondering if ya'll could give me some Bible verses to do my discussions on!

Please and Thankies!
After every S T O R M,
There's a R A I N B O W. :rainbow:
Mathew 11;28-30 Matthew 18:10-14 Those are two that are good I hope they help my youngest child is wanting to slepp so I had to cut my search short I will look into other witnessing tips and put then in here if its ok with you God Bless you
remember to always bring it back to jesus and how he loves us and how he died for us that we may have life. Thats the gospel and thats what makes us diffrent...jesus.
Let the holy spirit lead you and remember not to argue or try to prove things to her the word is enough weather you know it or not. I'll be prayin for you and her.
I would suggest the book of Ruth It's of course not a verse but It is short and Powerful in it's message.Shalom Christan