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In great need of advice.

Without going into to much detail, my life has been very hard. I was in a very violent relationship, which as a result ended in me been raped, my child hood was a mess too, I was abused. Now I have had a turn around in my life, and I am so blessed with a great husband and 3 children, but I hate myself. How on earth can I expect God to love me, when I dont? Through lots of pray I have forgiven the man who caused my pain, also my mother but I cant seem to move on from my self hate and I need to before my family suffer. Thanks for any advice. Blessings Rebecca
Rebecca, I can some what relate to your story. I did couseling for a while, which really didn't help. I really don't like to "talk" about my problems. I do believe in doctors and God gave them knowledge to treat and if are getting depressed and hate yourself then maybe you could talk to your doctor about an antidepressant. Don't be offended, I just recently started an antidepressant and I feel tons better. I will pray for you. God loves you so much.Sisters In Christ, Natashia
Im not offended Natashia, I was put on antidepressants, but took myself off them (my doctor knew about this) I have also taken alot of help for my issues too and I wouldnt say I was depressed but cant get over the hate. I think the problem is I honestly dont know where to start except to pray, and after 3 years I still feel im no closer to liking myself.
Hi HomeWith3, I too, can relate to what you are saying. I had a similiar life & used to totally hate myself. It's like we are punishing the ugliness that happened to us. As if it has become a part of us & the only way we can deal with it is to be angry & destructive to ourselves.

I still have times when I seriously don't like myself, but a few years ago somethings happened that made me change as far as the hate goes. I discovered praise & worship. I found a new relationship with God....or maybe new level of the relationship I had. It strengthened me without my even realizing it was happening. It has continued to do so since then.

I also decided to make some changes with me. No more wearing just what I had. I have always felt a great need to look neat & basically nice. But I found that as I took extra care with my dress & makeup & felt overall "pretty", I carried myself differently. I took actions to tell myself that I was worth something more than my previous life had told me I was.

Joyce Meyer does some great teachings on this. She was abused also & takes great care with how she dresses & cares for herself.

I'll be glad to talk with you - PM me if you'd like.