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In Comparison

Staff Member
In Comparison - September 14, 2005

In the early 80's, the Internet didn't exist, and almost few people had a computer in their homes. Video tapes were becoming common and there was still something called "Beta Format" vying for the dominant video tape recording format over VHS.

In comparison, while writing the above paragraph, my computer also burned an audio CD of a message recently heard in our church. The audio quality is great and disc could have held twice as much audio data. In fact, that cheap little disk holds roughly 3000 times more information than the hard drive on my first MS DOS based desktop computer!

It's amazing what man has been able to create and use, isn't it? It took humanity approximately 6000 years of recorded history to bring about these modern computer marvels and a few decades to change from tape to digital media.

By comparison, the Bible declares that God spoke all energy and matter into instantaneous existence. God didn't have to do any research or go through a lot of trial and error. His Word was enough. Yet Satan would have us forget these facts as life's trials come our way. Instead of remembering how great our God is, we focus on the temporary problems of this life.

Look around you today and remember the great God who wants you to get to know Him!

Contributed by Michael Ullrich


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