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In a desparate situation for a job

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by J.J., Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Please pray for me. Ive been out of work. Its been a hard year. I feel alone. and emotionally...I'm tired. Sometimes I dont recognize myself the way I feel. And I feel Im at the point of making desparate decisions and actions. Please pray for me for to recieve the Lord's Favor and Guidance. Please pray for my protection and to be free from fear, depression and compromise. Please pray for me to get a job and Please pray for my finances.

    Thank you all....

    I pray for those who around the corner from a troubling period. For all those with death or illness in their lives. For those struggling, in their career and employment. For those who are trying to hold on, during and after. For those who are losing their confidence in the world and themselves. For those who are spiraling. Please pray that someone feels love and their worth today.
  2. dear friend i am praying for you for find a high paying job soon for you in germany.God bless.
  3. I pray that God would fulfill your needs and extra, and that you might be joyful to have the Lord in your life watching over you helping you as He knows best!!
  4. I am also praying for your situation friend.
  5. Years ago ,I once got out of work. I went in the bedroom got on my knees and prayed to the LORD for a job. I got one right away. I made $24,000 about in one week. Which was a lot for me. I was the lowest bidder on the job and did at least twice the work as the other bidders was going to do. Kind of a ;long story , but the LORD helped me get it going the best way and finished it so quickly.

    I prayed lots in my life time for the Holy Ghost to help me do different things in life and change peoples minds about stuff? and to shoe me how to do my best in things and too be a blessing to others?

    We must remember it Not about us . But HIM. He wants us to do Good always. It pleases Him if we do well in all things and give Him the glory and Honor .

    I know it hard for us to not be self centered. And too Praise HIM when things look so bad. But we are in a learning process. The trouble should make us stronger and have mercy on others who are suffering. Which we need to carry though life .

    Many of those in the old testament suffered lots for our LORD as well as the New. Our time here is so short .

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