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Importing Problems

I have a Hebrew word processor.Im trying to figure out how to import files with the Hebrew remaining intact any ideas?Shalom Christan
ìà ðîöà úøâåí, àðà áãå÷ äàí äîìä îàåééúú ðëåï.



Worth checking out but online section I found does a short phrase only.
Does that help? Maybe copy and paste?
Nope.Buy Davka It is worth it.I have Bible codes and a Milon Dictiionary.I can assure you the investment is full filling .You need a Driver and Briggs hebrew lexicon and a good intro to Hebrew.Or Ill send you a link for a great Messianic Jews site that has basics superb.Id print it out. There are quite a few really I will see the value of the Words in the diferent ones Ill look into it.And a dictionary ,Good ones are a little pricy but they will become very good freinds..Cd Dictionaries isnt like reading a real Book.Peace Brother Z Im serious you will be thankful If you check these books out.Shalom Lchaim Bro Peace Christan JHS
Staff Member
Christan...it is best to keep things in English. I may have misunderstood your private message a few days ago but please just keep everything in plain English on the board so all understand.

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