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Staff member
Greetings brothers / sisters in Christ,

I'd like to point out some things here so that there are no typical selfish assumptions or misunderstanding coming from members or visitors. Every now and then, I get nasty emails from mindless fools accusing me of marketing on Talk Jesus, "ridiculous rules" and so forth. Let me set the record straight.

Home Page:
All the links on the home page left side bar column are not paid advertising. These are Christian websites that I value and feel others can benefit from them as well, for GOD's glory and our growth.

Forum Headers
You see one small banner on the top right under any forum category. That is my own web hosting company which pays for Talk Jesus as well. Running Talk Jesus is not free and costly. I do not care for donations, nor do I care for any kind of vain glory. I am simply and sternly explaining to all who read this that Talk Jesus does not run cheap. Talk Jesus advertises 24/7 on Google as well. I will not post numbers, because they remain between GOD and I for His glory alone. He is my sole provider alone.

Example email that I received just the other day...
(my comments in red lettering)
You seem to have less posts per day than you did many years ago. You do advertise more than anyone else, so it doesn't seem to be paying off. It's not easy owning a forum.

Judgmental. Wrong. Does this person sit and monitor Talk Jesus all day? Shame.

I am convinced the reason you don't make progress is because you don't keep the people that come in. They don't stay because they do see your forum as a marketing tool, the ultimate end being your product sales and they just don't want to be part of that.

Be convinced all you want. Wrong again. Who is this person to speak for 7,000 members plus hundreds of unregistered visitors per day? Sigh.

There is nothing wrong with your business, but perhaps it needs to be separated from a Christian forum or at least downplayed more. You may find that your sales even increase because you don't make your business front and center on a what was suppose to be a Christian forum. We should not finish with the flesh what was started in the Spirit.

Talk Jesus is not a "business". Once again, wrong stupid assumption. My GOD, does this get even uglier with assumptions and judgmentalism?

If you find that you just can't make progress, you might think of merging forums. This might be the new wave to gain a forum with some traction.

Laughter (pardon me). This person owns his own Christian forum with literally 3 active members (it says so on the home page) and less than 1,000 threads. How does one try to advise someone else with better "progress" or should I say, where the Holy Spirit in the One in charge?

Observe the 5 deeper truths in the Word of God by clicking on the same the 5 Deeper Truths link. See how I want nothing for self. There is a certain joy in denying self for no filthy lucre by bearing my own cross.

Coming from a judgmental person, this shows hypocrisy.

My motivation is the desire to have an enhanced look for the forums, but one that is upgradable, as I see you are still using 2004 and not 2006 3.6 version. Maybe you can give me some pointers if you would be so kind. The content is good, but the graphically look of the forum is basic.

And its all about self apparently.
This is one example of many shameful emails I receive quite often. It would be pleasant that people stop assuming things. Think about it, if you do not have proof, what gives one mortal man the right to speak as if he knows the truth? That is pride and arrogance.

Proverbs 8:13
The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil.Pride and arrogance and the way of eviland perverted speech I hate.

Forum Rules
Sometimes I get complaints that the forum rules are ridiculous or unfair. Let's get one thing straight, if you do not like the rules, move on and find another forum to partcipiate at. Whining and complaining is not going to change the rules nor my heart to your man wisdom likings. The rules are their to PROTECT the members and the body remaining disciplined, in order and in proper conduct for the sake of enjoying the fellowship without hinderance.

Private Messages: cannot send pm's unless 5 forum posts made. Some argue against this. Common sense should tell one that this is here to prevent spam. Of course, the inconsiderate and ungrateful continue to fuss about this simple rule and make it seem impossible for them to make 5 simple but sincere posts in the forums.

I hope people will learn to be considerate of the hard work put into this site by the moderators and myself. To be grateful and appreciative. Otherwise, if your not these things you are simply selfish and naive.

James 3:16
For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

Active Member Ratio
I've heard some whine and assume that there are small portion of "active members" in comparison to the actual number of members. The sad part is they care for numbers instead of quality. On top of that, they assume their comments true but little do they know (rather, they know nothing whatsoever). There are members all over the world, young and old, single and married, divorced, widowed, fatherless, nearly homeless, poor, rich, healthy, struggling health problems, students, graduates, broken homes, change of hearts (backsliders), and so forth. I have no control over their lifestyle. People have lives off the Internet. If any expects for all members to be active, then your mind is certainly in an unrealistic mode to be quite honest. More than 100 members and 300 unregistered visitors come to Talk Jesus every day on average and rising.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you understand more clearly now.

God bless you
New Member
Chad I think you are doing an awesome job with the site. There will always be a few who like to stir up things. You do what God is leading you to do! If I can ever be of any help please let me know. Again keep up the good work, God's work.
New Member
Hi Chad ,
The LORD is with you and HE knows your heart . Keep up the wonderful work you are doing .
I am really happy with this forum and it does help me in my spiritual growth too. There will be more members coming in and giving glory to OUR LORD , JESUS . That's for sure !
God bless .
Sorry to hear about the pestilant e-mails. Worthles scribbles indeed. As I was saying recently, many who think to be something, when examined are "Half Baked"

I believe this is a paramout christian site. Many web-sites reputing to represent the "faith once delivered to the saints" Jude 3 and contending for such faith are way behind this site in its clarity and purpose to 'talkjesus'

Right behind you Chad
God Bless You
Lead me home

Hey chad
this site lead me to become born again. I love the way we can chat without any of the rubbish that other chat rooms have. I agree with your rules as it creates a safe and judgemental free enviroment. Jesus lead me here so you must be doing good of the lord is leading his people here.
God bless xxx
New Member
The Holy Spirit led me here...
the Holy Spirit keeps me here...
I'm not leaving unless the Holy Spirit tells me to leave.

Now if that person wants to argue "unfair rules" with the Holy Spirit, let him. But for me and my house, we will be members of TalkJesus and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit! :smile:

God bless,
mounty said:
Hey chad
this site lead me to become born again. I love the way we can chat without any of the rubbish that other chat rooms have. I agree with your rules as it creates a safe and judgemental free enviroment. Jesus lead me here so you must be doing good of the lord is leading his people here.
God bless xxx
Hi sister in Jesus. How are you doing? I may have missed out on your recent post's and desire to follow Jesus! The last I heard you were about to speak to your dear papa and mama. God Bless them both.

How are you progressing in the faith? Praying for you
New Member
Bro.Praise the Lord in your life just remember what the Lord said in His word " I will bless who will bless you and i will curse those who curse you".Blessing
New Member
I like your approach here of being open and informing the board of things like this. it helps keep the Admin "human" and real to the board members and lurkers.

Two to even ten times more non-members reading at any given time than members is quite normal at another larger and older board that I belong to.
Staff member
Thank you all for your kind words.

Another important addition to my original post and purpose of this thread...

Quality, or quantity? Truth and order, or foolishness and disorder?

Talk Jesus is a great privilege to all who participate, including myself foremost as I'm here 24/7 (almost literally). Its a blessing to each other and it glorifies GOD. Although as we are mortal humans in a sinful world, our days are not always joyful and "praise the Lord". Sometimes we may come here to fellowship but feel empty or lacking in anything to share. This is normal. Now, we know how it works here (for the new members reading this, you will too eventually). Talk Jesus is operated in a strict, stern and godly manner.

Talk Jesus is operated in a strict, stern and godly manner.
Let me clarify...

Take a look at the forum home page, the forums (also known as categories or topics if you wish to call them that). What do you see? Biblical topics and some general off-topics (ie, lounge, music, art, etc).

Do you see "theology"? No.
Do you see "religion"? No.
Do you see denominational categories? No.
Do you see anything against Scripture? No.

Ecclesiastes 7:19
Wisdom gives strength to the wise man more than ten rulers who are in a city.

Proverbs 10:23
Doing wrong is like a joke to a fool,but wisdom is pleasure to a man of understanding

Automatically by abiding by Scripture wholely, purely and Scripture alone, we are immediately pruning the majority of people who do not wish to follow Christ.

Matthew 10:38
And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus told his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

Strict Rules to prune wolves...

5 posts in forum in order to send private messages
No links without permission (automated)
Instant report of abuse/spam via private message
Live chat messages logged for several days
No guest posting
Photo gallery submissions moderated first
Registrations moderated first

Take away these strict rules and you have your other typical Christian forums with no true order of conduct but a playground of wolves and sheeps together. That only leads to more "active members" and less ability to control the environoment, atmosphere in the forums.

Hope you understand furthermore, clearer now.

God bless, enjoy what GOD has given you and give Him thanks!
New Member


Thanks for being here!

Hi Chad,

I was led here and have been privalaged to be a member for quite a while now and I just wanted to let you know that of all the various websites I visit from time to time there is something very special and engaging about Talk Jesus that one feels consistently drawn to. TJ has a spiritual honesty and a structural formula that works really well, the fellowship feels a lovely, safe and nurturing environment. This is due to you ensuring that the Christians who gather here can feel confident that this is truely a safe place for all ages, nationalities and denomination of Christian.

There is not any other site that I would feel happy to let my precious daughter go to but with this site I feel confident in the knowledge that it is closely monitored by you and the moderators especially in the chat area. It may seem harsh but I am glad that you have a strict zero tolerance policy, especially with all the evil out in the world today. I am humbled by your dedication to Talk Jesus and on behalf of my daughter and me I would like you to know that we are extremely greatful of your continued Lord driven efforts.

Thank you and God Bless you and all the moderators:love:

New Member
Hiya Chad!
There is nothing ever wrong with what God does and this site has God's hands all over it.
"Only speeders don't like speed limits" and so on...
I truly thank you for all your effort. Continue with a steadfast and happy heart.
Remember, if no one (especially the devil) is giving us a hard time then we're not really doing anything useful for God!
New Member
Hi Chad,

At the end of the day, what matters is what God thinks. I am sure that you bring a smile on God's face for your obedience in doing his will, in the name of Jesus. It's not easy standing up for the Lord Jesus, but as long as you continue with heart of a servant, with all truth, sincerity, humility and most importantly love - no amount of persecution will bring you down.

Godbless! & continue with the good works that God has placed in your heart.
New Member
Hey Chad,

Just came across this. Don't sweat the small stuff. Those who whine, complain, judge and assume usually are people who have nothing going on in their lives. The old saying, Quit blowing out everyones candle around you to make yours brighter fits in this situation. Look at all the positive posts and success this site has had and keep focused on that. No matter where you go or what you do in life, someone will find fault. Its just worse coming from the Christian communmity, you expect more. Keep looking ahead and do not look back. There is another old saying. Let the dogs bark, the train is leaving the station! ( you would have to be around a rail road yard to understand that statement)

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