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Please post a testimony about your time here at Talk Jesus. Give GOD the glory in Christ Jesus and let Talk Jesus be a great harvest for this end times we live in. Let your testimonies be a great light about Christ being the ultimate center, the core of this website Talk Jesus Forums. This will glorify GOD and give visitors/guests and unbelievers specifically a great impression, as well as believers who seek for a truly well moderated and 100% GOD centered Christian website.

Thank you and GOD bless

:love: Brother in Christ
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Talk Jesus Help You

Talk Jesus has helped me so much.
I thank God for all of the ones that comes to Talk Jesus to share and to pray for each other.
i have been a user only for past few days it has greatly helped i thought western people have forgotten christ . this site has changed . and i hope to get more wisdom of heavenly presence from this site.
Talk Jesus and everyone here has been a blessing. Ive been here for around 7 months now. God had led me to this site. People have been great here. Have answered questions and concerns that I might of had. Talk Jesus has been a blessing to me and my family. In more ways than I could even count. I thank God that he has led me here. I was desperate for Him. I was desperate to talk with people about God. I was desperate to learn more. Ive grown quite a bit since Ive been here. God works in great ways. I pray for talk Jesus and everyone here. God has done great and mighty things here. And Hes not done yet. Praise God for Talk Jesus!!
its been a slice...i found out new things about scripture that i have not known before and about the people that chat on this website. thank you..
Blessings and Prayers

My life has actually changed quite a bit since joining TalkJesus.com, and I would like to say that the more formal format and restrictions on new members that "earn" their way through the process of participation is a fantastic idea. It's a more challenging task - and makes us all have to "grow" in Christ. Using the Bible to secure our points with each other, making sure our eyes are on Christ, that our tone is appropriate, loving, and kind; using our minds and hearts to support, encourage, rebuke, understand, forgive, and learn from each other. In this, I have grown patience, and my heart has softened even more, and loving my fellow Christian has become an easier commandment to follow! The love of others for my family and myself here has astounded me, as well, knowing the prayers for my father as he was dying was of real importance to my brothers and sisters, they took the time to pray. And it's working. :present:

I feel the Holy Spirit has really blessed this site, and it's such a pleasure to watch it grow and succeed. :thumbs_up

In Jesus, :love:
CaliFlower :rose:
I have grown alot in the year and half I have been apart of this site. from the fellowship to the many threads i have read here. I may not alwaqys post to all of them but I spend alot of time reading here. one of the things I have learned from this site is about unity. see it isnt just a site or a chat to me it is a church. we are all members of this church and we are all members of Christ .
Not only have I ministered here but I have recieved much ministering as well .
I never realized how church went into such a depth . its not a building its the ministering and love that makes it a church. here is my family everyone that is part of this site. you all are just as much a part of my family as my home church and my imediate family. I have cried prayed and worshiped here with you all. So do i feel it has helped me well you betcha!
I could never say Thank you enough to Chad and the other members here who have helped me along the way. God bless you and thankytou for not only believing in Christ but believing in me.
this site has blessed me much more than i have ever thought before.
It's nice to read and share everything here openly about christian life.

God bless
Praise the Lord to talkJesus its a blessing to every believer in Christ.Now im blessed to be a blessing!God bless Forever!!!
I love being here at Talk Jesus and it has helped me by keeping my mind off of recent negative stuff. I thank God for all of u. God Bless You!
Greetings !

Am barely a month old here, but i have learned that there are brothers and sisters who have been blessed with spiritual authority on some matters and this is great. I thank God for them.

Its an opportunity to have some of lifes difficult questions answered on this forum :)

God bless you Chad for being ever so faithful with Talk Jesus !

God Bless Talk Jesus
TalkJesus: How has it helped you?

I first went online in February, 2005. I had heard about chat rooms and message boards, but everything I'd heard had been negative. Then my search turned up a category called "Christian Chat" and I jumped in.

I'm signed up on probably six or seven Christian Chat/Message Board sites, but TJ is the only one that consistently features interesting discussion among people who respect one another despite their ideological differences.

This site has helped me learn to speak my thoughts clearly and concisely and with courtesy.

I am proud to be a member, here, at talkjesus.

I can be here a lot or a little and still feel that I can get help and guidance whenever I need it.

I have read from others and have learned from what they have shared.

I have cried from what I've read because of sheer relief from the reminders of God's truths and the encouragements.

I've laughed at the truths shared and, well, whether you need to cry or laugh, you can do it, here, and share it if you want to and it will be okay.

I have been able to be used of God on this site; which is a sheer joy and I have been ministered to; which, is wonderful!

Until I came across this site, I didn't believe that the internet could be godly helpful, but this site has changed my mind.

I've reccomended the site to others. Don't know if they've taken out the time but hope they have.

I trust the site to be on track with God with the moderators and the leadership, as one. It is on my Prayer List.

I would really like to be a part in advertising the site on a T-shirt, to give others the opportunity to check out the site for themselves and to help point a way for them to get godly assistance from those who are not ashamed of Jesus.

"Let's talk about Jesus,
"The King of kings is He,
"The Lord of lords supreme
"Throughout eternity.

"The Great I am - the way,
"The Truth, the Life, the Door,
"Let's talk about Jesus
"More and more!"

I'm thankful to God for it.

Thank you, God.
Dear 4givN&hope4U ,

Jesus loves us all .
His Holy Spirit is in our hearts .
He does not want us to be apart .

What matters now is
He dwells in you and me
Let's go forth for HIM
To give HIM glory , honour and praise
The Lord of Lords
The One to come .
Praise God . Amen
TalkJesus is a great site. I have been privilaged to been in chat when you were having live prayer. It was AWESOME. Thank you for the work you are doing Chad. Keep it up. Joining TalkJesus was one of the best thinngs I have ever done. It has inspired me and uplifted me.

GOD bless all the people here.
Thank You!

Thank you to all who have contributed to this site. It has helped me a great deal. I'm so grateful!

Praise God!

I pray God continues to bless us.

"I have made you a light to the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the farthest corners of the earth". Acts 13:47

God Bless you all!!
I love being here at Talk Jesus and it has helped me by keeping my mind off of recent negative stuff. I thank God for all of u. God Bless You!

Hi sis,

May God bless you here in TJ and God will change you completely from negative to positive....PRaise God....amen
I am very thankful for this wonderful christian site Thank you Chad. Keep up the good work. TJ is the most Jesus focused christian site I have been visiting. Now this is where I want to stay. It has been very helpful and teaching me a lot so far ;)
God led me to gotquestions and through that, he led me to Talk Jesus and I'm so happy and blessed to be a part of it. I've found a lot of support from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are loving, caring, and supportive. They've answered a lot of questions for me, given me advice, and prayed for me. I've found a lot of useful information here to help my relationship with the Lord and to help other people in my life. God can use ANYTHING to glorify his Kingdom and Talk Jesus is doing just that. Thank God for this ministry and i pray that it will grow and speak to the hearts of many.