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I'm strong on my own? Lost and Found.

As strong as an Ox

As free as a bird

But did you fathom,

You needed his word?

Your fortunes seem rosy

Your future looks bright

Did you see it coming?

You needed his light

A mind always open

A heart giving love

It seemed you wanted for nothing

That came from above

But somewhere seems empty

But something feels cold

The thoughts stand so lonely

Not feeling so bold

Because inside you’re crying

Because inside you need

And as he draws nearer

You long to be freed

You call out in hunger

You call for a way out

A soul lost and battered

Your heart screams a shout

Be near me Lord Jesus

Be with me to stay

I’m tired and a sinner

Come save me I pray

Then came an answer

Then came a voice

A deep inner awakening

I felt a sense of rejoice

Just trust me dear child

Just see what I did

I gave my life

So that you may live

Confess all your sins

Confess I am he

I’m here for you now

So you can be free

Forgive me Lord Jesus

Forgive all my ways

I trust you dear Jesus

What a price that you paid

For you are my saviour

For my life, it is yours

My Heart feels the healing

By the scars that you bore

A cleansing of wretchedness

A cleansing inside

I feel a pure spirit

Fill me up, no part can I hide

Rejoice for I know him

Rejoice I am free

Before I was captive

And now I know he

He walks by me and loves me

He moulds me to shape

And guides me and leads me

Inside I feel great

I love you dear Jesus

I love you, it’s true

For your blood it did wash me

It made me brand new

Thank you Jesus

Love Kathryn X

Easter Sunday 27/3/05 England