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I'm New Too

Just saying hi... If you wish to add me to MSN.. please send me a note or two ;)
My Name Is Vicotia ANd I live In Canada
Staff Member
Hello and welcome to Talk Jesus! Glad to see you here. Hope you enjoy the site and share it with friends.

God Bless
Staff Member
AngelEyes18 said:
Don't call me little lady
If you are the same person as Little Lady user then what do you expect someone to call you by especially not knowing you have a second username?

Some people go by username and some call by name. No big deal.
Hello Everyone

I've only just arrived here, so just introducing myself, I have been a Christian for nearly 2 years, but I will place 'my story' at a later date but soon.
Thank you all for having me, I'm looking forward to this meeting place.