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I'm new too but I'm not saved!!!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Secretive, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone I just joined this forum and as you can see by the title I am not saved.
    But it's been on my mind alot lately to the point I can't really think of much else and I guess I thought coming in here might help me in that area.
    I have a story for sure but to be honest I'm really not good (hence my user name) at discussing myself or what I feel and I think I may have to get to know more of you before I feel comfortable in doing that so ah that's all I got to say right now. Thanx
  2. Welcome to the forums sister! God bless you and rest assured knowing that the Holy Spirit has led you here, He does this to many unsaved people all the time, praise the Lord!

    I believe you will be saved as you made it clear its been on your mind and foremost so. Please read this link

    If you have any questions we are here for you!
  3. Hello Secretive,

    Welcome to TJ. It is a pleasure to meet you. May you be encourage and blessed here. God bless you.

    Best wishes,
  4. Amen: Hi Secretive:star: Welcome to Talk Jesus forums, as far as being saved its done with faith. Repentance toward God, and faith in the lord Jesus Christ, brings about salvation to all that believe.

    God bless
  5. Hi, Secretive, I'm glad you are here. You will find this a warm and friendly forum. Read and enjoy. Taste, and see that the Lord is good!
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    Hi everyone thanx so much for you welcome.
    First off I want to say that I know about God and what you have to do cause while I didn't grow up in a christian family as such my parents parents were and as a child I went to church etc as the years went by people in my family became born again christians and went into the ministry in fact so it's not something new or foreign to me.
    To be honest I totally blocked it all out for years I just didn't want to hear anything about it I basically turned my back on and at times it made me mad or ticked off in fact when people did discuss christianity.
    I think I didn't want to accept this could really be the way it is. That if you don't believe in God you'll go to hell forever. I think I wanted to just believe that you didn't have to go one way or the other that you lived and died and that was it.
    But as years went by it would be discussed in my family or with friends (I was never ignorant about it I guess you can say) and I had questions about stuff and I'd ask christians about it & my personality is I like to understand things for it to make sense. I also realize that alot won't be explainable that you have to go on faith as well. The pass 3/4 years I've been more open to it and the pass 6 months even more so and in the pass 2 months a whole lot so that's where I am right now.
    My problem right now and I think what is really stopping me is that I am a very stubborn/strong willed person ( sometimes that is good in that you keep at something or not give up but in this case it's not a good thing) very set in my ways and while my present life is not making me happy it's what I'm use and is comfortably in a certain way and I'm resisting the change and there's a part of when becoming a christian you are giving up control of your life your putting it in God's hands and it's rather scary. But I feel this deep yearning for this in my life and truthfully I think I always have but resisted and I still am.
    OK I've rambled on long enough hope this is coming across the way I mean.
  7. Delighted to read a little about you. We are all special in the eye's of the Master. And we are all so different.

    But God is a gracious heavenly Father, He knows us better than we know ourselves. We dont have to worry when we come to Him.

    God Bless You...........and Welcome
  8. welcome to TJ its GOD purpose why your here in TJ.GOD loves you now is the time for the things of GOD.Be blessed bro our life will never be the same again when we are in Christ!
    God bless.
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    Interview with God

    Hello Secretive

    Hi and how are you

    and also to add; On the leftside of Talk Jesus Forums Homepage, there is a Link called The way of the Master under study resources. Just click on it and check out Interview with God under Free Tools. Its really for you.

    Hope this helps

    God Bless You
  10. Praise the Lord my bro.! Where your at now we've all been there before, so I understand your feelings completly. As it says in the scripture, Heb.3:7-8, Today if you would hear his voice harden not your hearts. The thing is secret your heart is softening, so stand still and see the salvation of our God . Welcome to the better side of life, I'm glad your here in Jesus name. Forever For Christ,, Cotton
  11. Just a couple of thoughts you may be interested in, Secretive: It is not people who do not know Jesus when they die who are condemed to hell; it is the people who REFUSE relationship with Jesus after they've heard the message of the gospel who are condemned.

    Secondly, change is always unpopular. As my pastor says, "The only people who like change are wet babies." I suggest you go to the "Testimonies" forum on this site. There you will read of the blessings people have received from The Lord Jesus.

  12. Thanx again for all who has dropped in with a message. I REALLY appreciate it.
    Yes change is so hard and I fight it all the time I just feel I'm so rigid. I truly hate that part of my personality I tend to dig my heels in over any change. But I keep saying to myself you lived half your life one way having never truly been happy, content or at peace do I want to live the rest of my life like that or do I want to change. But even then it's like one foot forward but before I can put it down i'm pulling back. It's just uncertainity it's like this isn't me (to be saved), I can't do that, I'm not good enough or worthy as you might have guess I have DEEP rooted self esteem problems that has dragged me down all my life and it's been overwhelming to live with such doubts over everything so even this I have doubts even though when I imagine it I can see myself being so free and at peace and happy for a change.
    A person at the end of the first page (sorry can't remember your name) now said my heart is softening I do believe that cause I always harden myself to alot just didn't want to feel things so I had blocked that off I feel that in the pass year that's not so much I'm trying not to be so bitter or resentful cause I know it only makes me unhappy so I agree on that point.
    I have spent alot of time reading the different sections etc on this site and I have bought a bible first one I ever personally bought in my life it's NIV Starting Point Study Bible as I read that was good bible to start with. I started reading at the start (finally got genesis read) although I heard it's better to start in the new testament?? anyway thanx again for listening.
  13. Secretive:

    When I first came to Christ, it was suggested that I read the Gospel of John first, then the other three gospels, then the epistles, and then the Old Testament. They said to stay away from the Book of Revelation until I had at least a year as a born-again believer because Revelation is complicated.

    That turned out to be good advice. It helped me to get grounded in The Word.

  14. hii cotton,i am new in this forum and i donnot know anybody, may be we might get friends
  15. Secretive first let me say welcome! It is not by some "accident" you are here ! At talk Jesus . It is on my heart as well as other members here to reach people with the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Right now sister is a step to an appointment that has been in prayer by many for many years! Please when ever or whatever you may want to ask or say please feel free to ask. If the question is personal and you dont want to put it in the open please feel free to pm me.

    Answer to prayer right here ! Amen ! Thank you Jesus!
  16. thanx so much and everyone else who has popped in with a message.
    I think I will start with John in the bible I just thought start at the beginning but maybe not so wise. I'm so amazed that I have read what I have and actually found it interesting that's a big thing for me cause I never had interest in it didn't want to hear it didn't want to see it didn't want to watch it so yea a big deal for me.
    Yes people have prayed for me and others in my family for years (& not to be presumptuous and guess I'm not since you guys have said it yourself, but now people on TJ) who are unsaved so guess it's finally taking effect or for me to open my eyes and wise up. There are times I feel it will happen and I'm thrilled/happy to think of it but other times (and it's funny cause it's always when I wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and I would have expected to feel opposite then but...) when I think are you crazy you can't possibly be thinking of doing this???? But I don't feel I am bouncing back and forth as much as I was though so that's a step forward.
    anyway thanx again.
  17. Hiii!

    Hi Secretive! I'm also new here. As you know, I accepted Christ just 2 months ago. You won't ever regret it!! He's longing for you to accept Him. He keeps on knocking on your door, ..waiting for you to open it.
  18. Thanx so what made you decide to do that???
    I wonder if I'm not wanting for some big huge eukeka sign in that I'd then would have no hesitation. Part of it is church I'm not a outgoing person at all and that keeps popping in my mind having to do that and there's not a church here in that I would immediately say ok this is the church for me as there's been strife etc so I'm just not sure and that is something that is completely holding me back. I know you think if I were a christian that I'd pray about that and I'd get the answer from God but I don't feel that now obviously so it's a issue for me.
  19. Hi Secretive

    Welcome to the forum. I think this is exactly the place for you. I see so many of our friends in other forums who don't want to talk about God and have completely turned away from Him and I'm glad you are seeking a walk with Jesus. I will ask God to help you attain a life that includes Him. I don't use the word pray here because I choose to talk with God whenever I can instead of having a set time to do it. And when I ask Him for guidance He also answers in some way even though it might not be the answer we wan't to hear it is always the one we need to hear. Isn't it wonderful to know that He is not dead but alive and we can actually talk to Him? You may not be comfortable to do it now, but I know that the more you get to know Him the more you will do it.

    Don't worry too much about not having a church to go to for God's church is wherever His people are and you have found us. You don't need a building to have a church and the last churches will be in homes as the first ones were. If you want to hold a church then all you need to do is to gather with His people. It's good advice to start with the new testament as Jesus told us that we are not bound to the law in the old testament as far as punishment and retribution is concerned and some of the things in the old testament can very easily scare you away if you don't know what Jesus taught. I also think you should stay away from Revelation until you have a deeper insight into christianity. It's very scary if you don't understand the symbolism.

    From your posts it sounds like you are also looking for some kind of proof for God and Jesus and I truly believe you will find it. I think that God shows everyone the proof they need in a way that is unique to them if they just open up their harts to Him and you have my friend, but a person with a closed hart can never see that proof as you have to believe that it is there first. Did you know that there is actually scientific evidence and also other accounts for things that happened in the bible? Yes, that's correct, the bible is indeed not as unprovable as people have claimed in the past. We might even have a discussion on it some time. Above all have patience. The answers will come to you as God intends it.

    God bless. :love:
  20. Hi

    Hello friend,hope this site helps you and with your desicion to accept Christ.He's waiting for you to come and accept Him.He loves you more than anybody in this world and want's the best for you.Read John 3:16 and you will see.He gave up His Son,so we could live.God Bless

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