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I'm new here and i'm loving it

God Bless You All! I just want to say that this is an awesome site, I Love It! A little bit about myself, i'm 27 years old, i've been married going on three years, my wife sings at our church and i'm the music director and songwriter. I also have my own Poetry website at http://www.poemsforgod.com / I was referred by Julie Young (wittywriter) she's a moderator here and she is also a poet at "Poems for God" I checked it out and now i'm also part of TJ :shade: It's good to always have things to do for God either if it's in the computer, at home, or anywhere it's always good to be thinking of the Lord all the time and that's why i like joining websites like this because it keeps me thinking of the Lord all the time along with other people that have the same Passion for our Lord Jesus Christ! Well, Expect to see me here often and thank you for welcoming me and Julie Young for recommending me
Hi I'm quite new. It is a fabulous site. Enjoy your growth in Christ. It's blowing my mind. God Bless :=)
Its great to have you here! I'll be looking forward to meeting you in live chat! God Bless you