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im having some problems

hey ...
im just living in a period full of problems i just needed to talk i feel bad ... i failed my official exams, my parents are pissed, i have nothing to do all the time , i feel so empty / worried and useless all the time ... my heart beats so fast all the time ... i just wanted to say this can anyone please talk to me or tell me somthing ? that would be great i really feel like talking to someone at moments like that ... thanx

Awwww... Poor lil P22k4y. i will be tryign to help you when ever i can... so yeah be happy and yeah we will try to help @ least.. he he he

Love Simon!!!

hello philip,
you may find this advice a bit irrelevant and boring, but it isn't.
Talk to God...tell him what you feel like...explain your situation...ask for some answers, help, or just comfort.
Then pick up your bible and read timothy...i think the Lord just said that to me to tell you.
This is a great forum and a great site, but we cant give you what you are supposed to be getting from God, your father.
i will pray for you philip, but unless you do some of the work we can only meet you half way.
Jesu bless you,
i look forward to speaking to you more around the site. :shade: