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I'm a new man....

Ive recently been saved. A few days ago I gave my life to God because I was feeling down and depressed. My brothers wife asked me, Why I became a Christian?, and I wasnt sure of the answer. So I was very trubbled by this and realised there was something wrong. I tried to work it out and began to realise my motives were all wrong. Sure I needed God with me but i had to realise that God had sent His son to die for my sins, he was torchered because of what I had done. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and sure enough He made me feel new again. I'm only on day two on my journey and I cant contain my excitent the Holy Spirit fills me with. I just want to tell everyone I meet in hope they can be saved just like me.

The past couple years were really bad full of violence,sex, about 15yrs worth of drugs. Eventually I became very depressed and felt alone, I wasnt made to deal with this alone. Through all this time God never stoped calling me to him and I realised he wouldnt stop because He loved me with a love greater than any other. I was a Saved when I was young and at scool, I was lucky I had a Christian up bringing but I lost my way. God is my shepard and I was lost, He never gave up till I was back in his fold. This is what God has promised, John Chapter 10 Verses 27 and 28 : My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follw Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. Amen.

I hope this gives you encouragment. God Bless you all.
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it great to hear bout ur story en that u've given ur life to christ thesaviour. dont be ashamed tosay it to all nations for he has made you to be a witness of him according to sacts 1:8. be blessed and i encourage u to searcg for him more and hunger for his word and blessings
Gods work is cool, I feel him every day. I dont stop thinking about him, its just amazing. He has been answering my prayers and helping me in ways I didnt think possible before.
I did it.....

its been a while now, and guess what you guys...Ive been baptised,praise the Lord.
Buzzby ... Thanks allot ! I have been standing the gap for my 23 year old son for 6 years now . He was raised by me and my wife in the Lord . I am a pastor , and this gets me down at times . My son probably knows more about the bible than most of the men I counsel . The devil is trying to use this to discourage me , but it only makes me more determined ! He used to preach to family members until he was 17 . I await his return to the Lord for God has promised . Until that day , I will move forward with encouragement from you're testimony . GBU BROTHER