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If You Could...

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Bendito, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. If you could travel in time, and you went back to when Jesus walked on Earth too meet Him face to face...what would you want to say to him? What would want to ask Him ?
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  3. Knowing Him as I do now....the words of a beautiful old hymn come to mind:

    O teach me what it meaneth:
    That Cross uplifted high,
    With One, Thou Man of Sorrows,
    Condemned to bleed and die.
    O teach me what it cost Thee
    To make a sinner whole;
    And teach me, Saviour, teach me
    The value of a soul.

    O infinite Redeemer,
    I bring no other plea;
    Because Thou dost invite me
    I cast myself on Thee.
    Because Thou dost accept me
    I love and I adore;
    Because Thy love constraineth,
    I’ll praise Thee evermore*

    *Lucy Ann Bennett 19th Centuary hymn
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  4. Can I stay and be your disciple or do I have to go back?
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  5. Dear Brother @Bendito

    What about you....what would you ask?
  6. I would say..."Thank you for what you are about to endure for me".
    Then I would ask Him to allow me to go back to the scene of my worst sin, to "repair my past" with the knowledge and grace I have now..
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  7. I was thinking about this before I asked the question here. Before I even formulated the first question...He answered. Jesus is The Lord of time! We have no need to travel in time to say anything or ask Hin anything. He hears us now just as He heard us back then. Did you catch that? He heard our cries when he was on the cross...and our praise too. He is more than capable of answering all of our questions now. Our friend At Peace would like to undo sins or mistakes made...but my brother...those mistakes helped to form you into the particular emissary that you are. Without YOU as you are, there are people who will not hear the Word
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  8. I will see him for real soon enough. Like Mercy Me says, I don't think I will be able to say anything at all...will be so happy to just be in his presence!
  9. Forgive me Lord!
  10. He already has!
  11. @Born Again 2004
    You will feel joy! Awesome Brother!

    I will feel all that I am not or have ever been that made the Cross a necessity.

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