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If my blood was green!

If my blood was green ,oh
if blue,
may be i would worry
if it was yellow may be i would fret
why ,my friend, why rumble.

who said we are different
why be decieved by pigments
or was God unaware
that he made you, you
yet maintained the same blood in me

Listen friend,
i'm a lot more like you
Just give me time
and i will speak your language.
A little more patience and i will learn your ways.
Because our blood is the same

Do you speak Aramaic,
or tagalog
or afrikana
or is it gujarati?
so i speak my own
but we mean the same things

our semblance may be obscured
not salient yet so real
and you think im alot different
oh, what a fallacy!
For under you skin ,flows the same red blood i have.

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