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Idols and Commitment

In Joshua 6. God puts a "ban" of certain items recovered from the enemies that Israel
conquered. ( Josh 6:17-18; )
But Achan took some of the things under the ban. ( Josh 7:1; )
He hides these things under his tent hoping no one will find out.
After this Israel goes out and tries to fight the men of Ai (a town nearby).
But Israel doesn't fare very well in the battle. 36 men are struck down. However Achan is not one of them.

God wants total commitment from us. He is a jealous God and He doesn't want to share us with
other "gods". Do you have any idols hiding under your tent?

I was in some relationships before met my wife. One day my wife ran across some pictures of old
girl friends. She also found a box that had some old letters in it from many years ago. There
was also a ring in the box. I hadn't looked at those things in many many years, I even forgot that I
had them. There was no reason for me to hang onto those things... but... well... why did I?
She asked me if anyone was in my heart. I told her no, there was no one else.
So why hold on to these things? That evening I got rid of the idols "hidden" beneath my tent.

I once struggled with pornography quite a few years back. But one time I quit for a long time.
(well... I sort of quit...) I had this one magazine up in the attic. I didn't look at it for many many
years, but I knew it was there. I prayed to God to help me with this addiction... but yet there
was a part of it I couldn't let go of. I don't know why I had to hold on to it... but I did.
It wasn't until I got rid of all those little "idols beneath my tent" that I finally conquered this addiction.

The problem was... I hadn't really given my whole heart to my wife... and I hadn't given my whole
heart of God. I had to hold on to the past sins and past mistakes of my life.
The Bible mentions the sins "that so easily entangle us" and weigh us down. ( Heb 12:1; )

The thing is... God removed His protective blessing and covering from Israel when they were
unfaithful to Him. The men of Ai beat up on them pretty good that day. Not only did this
affect Achan... but 36 other men were killed that day. There's a good chance this affected their families.
How much does the sins we won't let go of... affect other people? How much does divorce affect children?
How much does adultery affect innocent husbands and wives when they find out what their spouse did?

Later on an investigation is done... and the "banned items" were found under Achan's tent. ( Josh 7:20-22; )
Achan ends up being stoned... and they put "a great heap of stones" over him after he died. ( Josh 7:26; )

What idol are you holding on to? What is hidden beneath your tent?
What is keeping you from being 100% committed to God (or even to your spouse for that matter).
How much is that sin we are holding onto and trying to hide affecting other people around us?

Maybe it's time to dig those things up... and let go of them.