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Ideas for group games at a youth lock-in

Discussion in 'Teen Hangout' started by KellyJean, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. #1 KellyJean, Feb 19, 2007
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2007
    We are having a Youth Lock-in at my Church. I'm having some trouble thinking of some fun group games for the teens to play. If ya'll have any games or ideas that you would like to share I would really appreciate it!!!

  2. Hi Kelly I have moved your post to the teens/youth forum as it fits here better as it concerns the youth. This is especially for the teens and youth to post in their own area and I am sure you get some good ideas from others in your age range.

    God bless :love: :rainbow: :rose:
  3. Well, I can't think of anything now but perhaps the teens/youth here can come up with suggestions. I'm sure they'll come up with the best suggestions :)

    I did a simple Google search: give it a shot sister
    christian teen youth group ideas - Google Search
  4., games, games... can play trivia games. Pictionary. Charades. Freeze tag. Simon Says. Heads-up-7-up.

    ...that's all I could think of for right now.

    You could even watch movies. There are a LOT of movies that are about God that you could choose from!

    But what is the lock-in for? Is there any special reason?

    I hope this helped! Will post again if anything comes to mind!

    Many Blessings,
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys! Theres no really special reason were having this lock-in, just trying to have some bonding time each other, lol.
  6. LOL! Okay then! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Many Blessings,
  7. I have always enjoyed a game called snowballs.
    - You get a lot of newspaper, masking tape, and paper cups for starters
    - Then you crumble all the newspaper into little balls and wrap it up with the masking tape.
    - You then find a big room that usually is clear of stuff so nothing gets broke
    - Then you divide the room in half with masking tape by placing a line on the floor.
    - Then make a square using masking tape at each ends of the room.
    - Stack the cups up in a pyramid
    - The objective is kinda like dogeball but you have to knock over the cups
    - No one gets eliminated only the team itself when the cups get hit.
    - No one is aloud in the square which makes it more difficult.
    - You can also make other games with the newspaper
    - You could also have a war kinda like paintballs but you have to throw the newspapers instead.

    These are a few ideas to get you started. I hope it helps you out.
  8. thanks faithwalker thats a good game to try, im also looking for games for my youth group and was unsure of what games to play, but i will try that one.
    Godbless Beak xoxo

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