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Ideal Topics for This Site

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by MadHermit, May 10, 2018.

  1. My family attended a large Pentecostal church in Winnipeg, Canada until I graduated from college and attended seminary (Princeton) and grad school (Harvard) in the USA. I have been a Theology Professor at a Catholic university for 12 years and then a United Methodist pastor since 1994 until my retirement in July, 2015. I am Pentecostal by experience, but differ with them on some doctrinal points. I share all this because I like this site and want to fit in as well as possible. We academic types tend to gravitate towards controversial and novel topics that offend some viewers and I have had some unintended negative experiences on another Christian site. So I'd like suggestions--perhaps even a wish list--on topics that might attract more viewers and participation and topics to avoid. This is a great that deserves more members.
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  2. I'm glad that you have found us here, in our little corner of the WWW @MadHermit !
    Realizing that you've already been active in posting on the site, I am glad that you've taken the time to introduce yourself....officially that is :)

    Interesting mix between Catholicism, Protestantism, and probably a few other "ism's" I'm sure. Not to narrow any debate, but to minimize misunderstandings. We do have a Statement of Faith that I will share with you, if you haven't already found it.

    Statement of Faith

    With what I can see of your just might come in handy ;)

    On controversy and suggested subjects to grow this "Awesome" site. On the one hand your willingness to pass the word out about us would be much appreciated! :) On the other hand you'll find that this site has in its history touched on numerous subjects, both bland & spicy. Periodically they get refreshed when someone digs one of them out. However, you are welcome to add to it this ever expanding list of discussions be they old or new.

    If you have something more structured in mind. You might want to contact our Administrator, Brother Chad. Though busy, he is always willing to hear folks out.

    So, with all that being said.
    Once again be welcome Brother MadHermit!
    Be seeing you around! :)

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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