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I would......!!!

I have loved u the last years
but u dont seem to care!!
I know that u know it but
you dont care...
why not??
am i not good enough for u....

I would give everything i have just to be with u
i would be there for u
U could trust me
I would never do anything that would hurt u...

I will always love u and i know u dont care
but i wont wait for u all my life
i waited to long and now its beginning to hurt
but PLEASE try and remember what i tell u now!!!

I would have given everything i have just to be with u
i would have been there for u
U could have trusted me
I would have never done anything that would hurt u.....

u dont want me so i guess
i will try to forget u
that will be hard
but im strong enough to make it and i know i will
i will always love u and mybe someday
u will love me to but then it will be to late....

god bless
Aawww, Unknowne!!!
i liked the poem...hope you're alright!!

God Bless


yeah im fine....
what am i sayin im great!!!lol
that was somethin i wrote somewhen when i was inlove with this boy!!
long story!!!
glad u liked it

god bless
aww, kara, you're a poet now..lol, i'm teasing, God bless you girl, remember, pray pray pray when you're involved with guys...laters