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I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ-

I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for having thought of so many details upon our creation. For the beautiful landscapes to look at, for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, for the sound of the birds and the ability to hear them, for the ability to love and be loved, for the taste of our food and the ability to feel softness in our hands of a puppy's fur. Thank you for the built in air conditioning when we start to sweat and catch a cool breeze. Thank you for the abilities you gave us and the opportunity to find companionship with animals and the ability to show them love and have them reciprocate it. Thank you for the ability to have friendship and for the chance to join You in heaven and for dying on the cross so that our sins might be forgiven. Thank you for protecting us from satan and for the music we have to worship You and for the feelings we get when we do so. Thank you for creating us and for teaching us the hard way when we don't quite get it the first time. Thank you for the ability to walk upright and for making us beautiful as we are naturally . Thank you for never leaving us and for helping us through this life. There are so many more things but for now thank you for being our Glorious God.
In your honor, I thank you for everything bad in the world for without it, we would not recognize the good.

Your humble servant- Jakki

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