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i was there

I was there when your first cell was formed
I was there 1minute ,2 hours ,3days,4weeks and 9months
when you came to be.
I was there when you left the womb,
I recieved you on my lap and called you, you
I was there when you gasp the first breath and yelled
I was there, i was there.

The milk you sackled ,i provided
The love from the mother, i provided
when you giggled , i caused you to,
And when i looked on, you shrieked.
I added you days
I built it with aunit of seconds
where i gathered it, you dont know
How many i have for you ,you dont know.

I was there when you raised delicte fists in rage against you mother
And she laughed at your vulnerability.
I was there when you first said Mummy and was taught to say Dady
I was there, when you helplessly lay on the couch,
when terror was all around you.
when all you knew was one word,cry
So you did what you knew best
but i did what i knew you needed most.
I would not let you have it all because you would have no choice.

I rejoice in seeing your good form
But you ask me why i made you so.
You question why i made you male,
That i should have made you white ,black or coloured.
that you should have grown in the palace ,
that you wanted to top you class,
you wished you were a celebrity,
An one who pulls the crowd.

You would not say thankyou.
All you did was complain,coplain and complain
To drugs you turned you attention
You confidence was in how vicious you could be,
you trusted in vein strength.
Everyone thought you had it all,
Yet in the dark you weep,
terror beseige you
and you feed on grief.

When you move ,you borrow the gaits of lions
yet inside you you are a helpless weasle.
Oh man ,that you may know that i know.
Think about this,
i have been with you always
Yet you have not even noticed,not once.
You grab my resources and you squander,
I gave you wisdom and you gaveforth evil
I gave you love but you bred envy

But I will call you to account Because im God
Who ,i say who can rescue from my hands!
Would you just turn to me today.
If you had turned to me
If only you had
If you had,
My kingdom ,i would bequeath to you
AND I HAVE MADE HIM a god over my world
Forever Im There ,I was there and Iam there.