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- I was baptised -

Formerly Adiaglow
- I was baptised -

The forecast called for rain, but when I opened my eyes this morning, blue sky was all I could see. The temperature was about 72. Just right.
I had butterflies all morning...a bit anxious about the process, and what to do. But He comforted me. We had to be there about 1 hour prior to the service that we were attending before the baptism ceremony. The mood was very light...seemed everyone was excited. The organizer of the ceremony explained the meaning of baptism & the process...they would hold a washcloth over our nose & mouth so we wouldn't get water in our noggins. One of the members was a tad freaked about that, but he was fine. Had to be sure to bend our knees so we would be easy to bend down.
The service was very nice...we took communion. I took 2 crackers. Actually, 1 1/2. Justin got a kick out of that. *smile* The pastor, Ed, spoke of how God remembers, but He also forgets. He forgets our sins when we repent of them, but He remembers our names...the number of hairs on our head, and keeps our tears in our bottle.
My in-laws also attend this church & they had come to this particular service to see me. My mother-in-law, Rhonda, waved at me excitedly after the first worship song, and I had a glimpse of what it will be like in Heaven, seeing my loved ones and being filled with a joy that can't be described. My eyes kept welling because of the meaning of this day.
After the service, we were to go out behind the church to the baptism pool. This was the first time this year they were able to do this outside because it has been too cold. Kind of glad I waited until today. We took our shoes off, and got in line, paired up. The girl with me was Kristen, if I remember correctly. We were both grinning. I saw my brother at the top of the stairs coming down in his Sunday best. That was cute, because this is a casual church. I saw my husbands family as well. My parents & 2nd oldest brother were running late, but they were able to see it.
They called my name, and I walked down the stairs into the water...it was warm. I walked over to the pastor, Terry. He reminded me of a beatnik. He said a few words from scripture, & that I was being obedient in doing this, and called me his sister. I was trying not cry, and I didn't...I just concentrated on the moment and his words. He then placed the washcloth over my nose and dipped me. It went very fast, but when I came up, all I could do was smile. I admit, I forgot to bend my knees in the midst of it all, but it went smoothly. I turned to leave, and the man who was waving me towards the exit stairs said to me, "You keep that smile on your face all day!"
I was wrapped in a towel by a woman and I walked up to see my family. I just smiled at them all and went to change. When I came out to meet them after I got changed, I could tell that my dad was very excited for me. He just kept smiling at me. I really miss talking with him like we used to. We always have had a good relationship & despite the bumps in the road the past couple of years, it still remains. I intend to call him this week to talk about today & of course other things. Here I go crying again...
All in all, I am overwhelmed with how well today went. I'm sorry for the long description, but I didn't want to leave anything out. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but He made it the most precious day. I am looking forward to the day when I meet Jesus and see my life and how it went in His eyes. To see this day played back, and the happiness it brought Him...the step I took in my walk with my Saviour. I have this feeling that this is the start to something very special and important. I've had this feeling all day that everything is just as it should be. And it feels divine.
I've enclosed a picture that my brother took with his cell phone. You can't really see me, but the person in the green shirt is the one who baptised me, and you can see my elbow, it's just blurry & far away. We are behind the yellow shirt. They're going to mail me a picture that a photographer took with my certificate.
For those of you who are holding back in the area of God...I pray that this will give you an urge in your heart to take a step and go for it. I cannot tell you how happy I have become since becoming serious about Jesus. Even when I stumble, He is there to help me back up and keep moving forward. I promise that if you make a committment and give it a chance, you will feel in your heart what I am talking about. I have seen some amazing works, and my eyes have been opened. I love every single one of you. Thanks for hearing my story of today. *grin*
Staff Member
Amen. God bless you. Glad to see things getting better with your father. Thats a great picture, a nice setting outdoors :)
Dear Adiaglow,

Today is a wonderful day! I enjoyed reading your your testimony of baptism, sister! You have been at Talk Jesus for a year and know you have been a blessing to others.

Praise the Lord!

Your servant in Christ Jesus!
Adiaglow, your testamony is very good, well worth sharing and not to long at all.
I am looking forward to reading more of your testamonys as God usues you for his glory.
God bless you
your sis in Christ Jesus
Formerly Adiaglow
Thank you all so much for your sweet notes...it was such a special day & I wanted to share it with ya'll. He just keeps on making me smile and I'm loving every minute of my life walk with Him. I plan to be on here more. :)
I had tears in my eyes reading your testimony. What a wonderful day. I think about the same thing you mentioned quite a lot. The part about seeing people around you and knowing you will be with them in Heaven.

Be blessed,
Formerly Adiaglow

I'm so glad that my story touched you. It's so wonderful to know we never really "lose" our loved ones...
Sounded awesome! Loved your story and so happy for you thanks for sharing your day with your internet church here.

Alright, I gotta tell ya that was moving. Awesome!!!!

I don't wanna hi-jack your thread, but here's my "baptism" story.

My wife's boss invited us to a Christmas play at his church. My wife, daughter, and I were all saved that night. So, I ask my Pastor some time later if he would baptize me. He set it up and all 3 of us were baptized on the same day. That meant a lot to me that we were saved on the same day and baptized on the same day.

The day of our baptism the Holy Spirit was moving VERY STRONG in our church. The pastor sent a messenger to the asst pastor to have us come out for the baptism, but they couldn't stop the sermon / praise and worship because everyone was so into it. When we got into the baptism room the Holy Spirit just hit me. I was crying the second I walked in. I saw my wife crying. A little old lady that had been baptized (saved at age 70) was being helped out of the water and it was my turn.

I told everyone how honored it was to be baptized in Jesus' name and how it was such a blessing to me that my 10 year old daughter wanted to be baptized too. So, I get baptized and I looked around and there were about 100 people watching and I don't remember a dry eye. Well, this man I never saw before walks up and my pastor says, "listen to him". So this man starts prophesizing about me and my life. VERY VERY VERY humbling!!!!!!!!!!

Then my wife gets in the water she's crying enough to fill the pool herself. (ha ha).

Then my daughter gets in and is baptized and a lady read scripture about how God will walk with her during difficult times, especially when dealing with peer pressure as a young Christian lady.

Later my wife confessed to me that she was a little hurt that no one had anything to say for her when they did for me and my daughter.

Well, that man who prophesized about me came up to my wife after church and said, "you're going to have a son." My wife said, "I already have a son. he's in the daycare." The man said, "I saw you with a son and he's going to be in the ministry and do great things for the Kingdom." Okay, I thought my wife cried a lot during the baptism, but that was nothing. Those few words floored my wife.

My son is now in a Christian school and at age 5 has a great understanding of God and a relationship with Him that is growing by the day. He's a typical boy. All energy and mischief, but I remember one day telling him that if he does something wrong and he's truly sorry, I'll always forgive him and God will too. He looked at me in all seriousness and said, "I believe everything you're saying dad." Just took my breath away.

Okay, I've typed enough. Congrats again on your big day!!!

God bless you and yours!
adiaglow said:
Here are the close up pictures of my baptism!


I was tryin gso hard not to cry!! lol

Dont try to keep from crying. That was the Spirit of God coming upon you - He will blessings you. And when we yeild to His Spirit there is a feeling of satisfaction within us that comes.