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I want to be in the right church denomination while im young.. Which one is the most Biblical church and why? Also what does Matthew 7:17-20 mean

I want to be in the right church denomination while im young.. Which one is the most Biblical church and why? Also what does Matthew 7:17-20 mean in a simplified answer plesee and thank you very much!
I want to be in the right church denomination while im young.. Which one is the most Biblical church and why? Also what does Matthew 7:17-20 mean in a simplified answer plesee and thank you very much!
Hi Frank,

I googled churches in Albuquerque NM and over 100 came up. I know it's a big town, I was there for a hot air balloon festival. The best thing to do is visit several of the closer ones to your home and see which one appeals best to you. In my view a good church is one that in addition to Sunday service, has several people in your age group, has good music, and has a weekly bible study - NOT a bible discussion, and one that offers other weekly activities where Christians are engaged in fellowship. Many of the "denominational" churches like Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, etc. likely have an older crowd, (but not always) sing too many hymns that are 100 to 300 years old - and that just doesn't do much for young people. They also have a totally structured service.

Everybody here is going to have a different opinion on this, but I would avoid any church that's obsessed with speaking in tongues and 'rapture', Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, and any that proclaim, "Calvinism" which quite often are "Independent Fundamental" - 'suit and tie' churches. In the end, it's up to you.

In Mathew 7 the good tree represents Christianity and a good church, the bad tree can represent another religion or really bad church.

Churches in Albuquerque NM
the more you study your bible the more you will gain discernment, choosing a church can be tough, I was catholic most of my life and started reading the bible and realized no way was I staying there went to another church non denomination and the preacher preached the gospel and warned us about the toxic environment we lived in

Your preacher should always be pointing to Jesus and what he did for dying for our sins so we could have salvation
Your preacher should be giving us messages that convict us of any sin, such as sex out side of marriage, porn, materialism these things should spoke of often IMO the preacher should not be afraid to step on toes.
If the preacher is just a nice guy to everyone and has a good band on stage but does not convict us of sin or point us to Jesus he is not much of a preacher

most preachers it seems now a days do not want to offend anyone so they speak in vary general terms, this is no good IMO

you visit as many churches as you want and DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED to them at all
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I want to be in the right church denomination while im young.. Which one is the most Biblical church and why? Also what does Matthew 7:17-20 mean in a simplified answer plesee and thank you very much!
Hello Frank,
First to understand when you were drawn to come to Christ Jesus as your Savior. You became part of the Body of Christ which is the Church with Jesus as the Head. This is the Universal Church.

Now what you are seeking is a place where you can Assemble with God fearing, Bible believing, Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus who seek to live it and don't just talk about it. Now that can be in a main denomination or a non-denominational assembly. It could even be in a House Church, that is a person's home, store front building etc.

As Member Saginon has stated there are many to choose from, so your work is cut out for you!!! First and foremost what you need to do is bring this request of yours before the Lord in prayer. Ask and you shall receive brother! He knows better than any of us which one will suit you best, or the one He wants you in that you may grow and be fruitful! Alleluia!!

Even still forewarned is forearmed! There are some out there to take care with. Why do I tell you this? The devil disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:13-14) There are more churches out there than we can to admit that do not conform to what would considered to be foundational Christian beliefs i.e. Bible is the Word of God, Jesus is the Son of God, He died on the Cross, He is Resurrected, He will Return! This is why many are called cults. Which is another reason why it is important that the assembly you choose studies the Bible, and applies its teachings just as you should be doing (Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 2:15, 3:16-17, Psalm 119:105).

Visiting some of the churches to see what they are about is a good idea. Also, if these churches have online sites, check them out. Most have a Statement of Faith or in other words, a document that states what they believe. Search these out and look them over with a fine tooth comb. :smile: Didn't I tell you it'd be work!!! However, better now then finding out later as you become tuned to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and knowledgeable in the Word of God, that things are not what they appear to be!!!

Well, you do have Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus here as you have found out, that are willing to answer questions. Don't be afraid to use us and ask the questions that come to mind as you've been doing.

I'll be praying that you will find a church that assembles regularly, has an abundant number who are part of the Body of Christ who will love you as we do, is true to the word of God, and will help you become a Defender of the Faith in Christ Jesus! All the while praising & worshiping with great Joy!

With the Love of Christ Jesus!
I want to be in the right church denomination while im young.. Which one is the most Biblical church and why? Also what does Matthew 7:17-20 mean in a simplified answer plesee and thank you very much!
In my experience, every denomination has individual churches that range from a spirit-filled blessings to dysfunctional bin-fires. The name on the front door isn't going to help you much. Strong biblical teaching is important, but more important is finding a group of people who are devoted to following Jesus, and will encourage you to do the same.
In my experience, every denomination has individual churches that range from a spirit-filled blessings to dysfunctional bin-fires. The name on the front door isn't going to help you much. Strong biblical teaching is important, but more important is finding a group of people who are devoted to following Jesus, and will encourage you to do the same.
That's why I'm very likely changing churches myself. I love the people there, especially the music minister who has been instrumental in helping me restore my faith. Problem is there's about zero evangelism going on, very little solid bible teaching, very little fellowship other than on Sunday mornings, and to top it all off too many liberal minded people who not long ago went "open and affirming." We just had a lesbian pastor leave. She was the worse pastor I've ever encountered. She even said once that "I don't believe Christ had to be crucified, I believe he could have died of old age and we'd still all be saved."

I had hope for the church after she left. We have one guy named Eric who's a licensed minister, and did a good job filling in, but the UCC has this protocol where they put an 'interim' pastor in place for 1 1/2 years. So they said see you later to Eric and guess what? They bring in another lesbian pastor and her partner! On Sunday morning, she reads her sermons which she admits she copies from an online sermon provider onto her Ipad.

I need prayers on this because I want to do the right thing. I love the people there and I feel like I'm abandoning the place, especially the music minister. I'm one of the only instrumentalist there, the only man who sings solo's, and the only man in the choir.
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In my experience, every denomination has individual churches that range from a spirit-filled blessings to dysfunctional bin-fires. The name on the front door isn't going to help you much. Strong biblical teaching is important, but more important is finding a group of people who are devoted to following Jesus, and will encourage you to do the same.

The only way to find out If people Are following Jesus is to read / study God's Word to find out what Jesus Did do. He performed many miracles to point 'us' to His Father/ God in heaven. And Jesus Did die on the cross for us With our sins , died, was buried and rose again bodily,. Shed His blood For our sins. His 'job' was to point people to God, the Father.

We are to be growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. And sharing the Gospel unto salvation with all who will listen.

And, we are to be loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and loving our 'neighbor' as ourselves.
I know this is late advice but maybe good advice. If I was looking for a church, I would select one that teaches the entire King James Bible in this way, Genesis 1:1 through Rev 22:21 in order, book after book and not skipping a single verse. That is the way God had intended for His word to be taught. One book flows right into the next book. If you find a teacher/preacher that teaches in this way you are going to learn some serious truths of Gods word.

And it depends on what your looking for in a church. A knew two men that went to different churches and they never miss a time the church doors were open. Why did they go to church, they just like to sing. I asked one of them a bible question and his response was, oh I don’t know much, I only go cause I like to sing. His Bible was a hymnal. Only kidding.

If you really want to know what God’s word actually says, find a bible teacher, one that teaches the Bible front to back, books in order, without skipping a verse. Find one that teaches the strong meat of Gods word. That is paramount. When you learn the strong meat, that’s where the rubber meets the road in Gods word.

See what God says about the milk and the strong meat of His word. Hebrews 5:13. For every one that useth milk is unskilled in the word righteousness: for he is a BABE. God saying, if all one knows is the baby food of His word, one remains a baby Christian. Hebrews 5:14. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, Mature in Gods word.

One may ask, what is the milk, and what is the strong meat of Gods word? The milk is basically, to KNOW AND DO, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND TO KNOW GOD LOVES YOU VERY MUCH. Sounds real simple but many fail to acquire the baby food of Gods word. But there is a lot of good Christians out there who move the ball forward.

The Strong Meat is a number of things that would take pages to discuss. I will abbreviate the best I can, a few items of Strong Meat, it is a must to know and understand these in Gods word:

THE SEAL OF GOD, This treasure of wisdom if known and understood gives one protection from anti christ by God Almighty Himself. Rev 9:4. This is the time period where anti christ is about to be kicked out on earth and God is giving him direct orders what he and his followers can and cannot do. 9:4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which (have not) the SEAL OF GOD IN THEIR FOREHEADS. God is telling anti christ that he is free to hurt all the people that do not have, THE SEAL OF GOD IN THEIR FOREHEADS. That’s to say in their minds. You want this protection, better get to knowing what, THE SEAL OF GOD is all about.

THE SEVEN TRUMPS. The Trumps are chronological events that take place leading up to the true Christ’s return to earth. The Seventh Trump is the grand finale. I don’t care what any one says about rapture, the true Christ returns on the Seventh Trump, not before or after. Paul backs this up in 1 Cor 15;52 Paul says, the Last Trump, but the Seventh Trump is the Last Trump.

There is much much more. All the parables. To know the know the things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world. Matt 13:35. A lot of very important stuff/strong meat, that is not being taught out there for some reason. Could be they don’t know it to teach it. Pretty crazy stuff out in Christian land.

Seem all they teach is milk milk milk, baby food is wonderful for a new Christian but don’t keep him on bottle. Strong Meat will make a strong Christian, one that God can use, like all the great men in Gods word, they knew and taught the THE STRONG MEAT OF GODS WORD.

I’ve notice, over the years, just like in Christ time, truth/strong meat doesn’t seem to be all that popular. You know Christ was crucified for teaching truth/strong meat. The Kenites wanted to shut Christ up cause He was exposing them for who they were. They claimed to be Jews but the were not. Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie, behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,and to know that I have loved thee.

Why is Christ having the synagogue of Satan worship before the Christians feet, cause the Christians are out front of Christ’s throne and synagogue of Satan is worshiping Christ. So they are worshipping Christ but they are at our feet.
Though the shedding of blood on the cross, Christ died for ours sins, is the message pushed out front for teaching of this great event, but there was a deeper reason why Christ die on the cross for our sins. It was a magnificent show of power by God Almighty Himself. Christians were told by Gods prophets just how this event would go down to the tee.

You understand, if God tells us that He will send His Son to push the gospel and His Son would be crucified on the cross but three days later will rise again in to live in that same flesh body and it happens exactly that way. A man with good reasoning skills would say, that must be the true Christ for a great sign like that to occur precisely the way God said. It was a show of great power and it caught the attention of the masses. Exactly what that event was intended for. Get the attention of the the people to show there was a real God.

Pretty much the same show of power when God told Mosses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go or this or that would happen. It didn’t take long for Pharaoh to know with out a doubt that there was a real God and He meant busy.
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Jesus Christ was crucified because of His claim to be the Son of God. He claimed to be equal To God. "I and the Father are One".

Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. And the fact that He Did indeed rise again the 3rd day Proved that He was who He said He was. He was Not simply a great religious teacher of that day. He was the Son of God.

People back in the time in history that the crucifixion Did take place -- some accepted Him and some rejected Him. His very followers weren't sure that He'd rise from the dead. They scattered out of fear of persecution. And they spread those events as they fled to various other places.

As for Pharoah -- he Fought God's show of strength from start to finish. Even after he Did let the people go, he sent his armies after them. He realized that he had let all his slave labor go and went after them. I believe it was the Red Sea crossing that God got their attention. He caused the sea water to receed on both sides and let the Children of Israel through and then let the waters go back to normal when the soldiers were in the process of going across. They all drowned.

The event you're talking about was Jesus Christ dying on the cross of Calvary For us / in our place / taking all our sins with Him when He died. He , in fact, went to hell in our place -- died with our sins -- and rose again. And He Also took all the believers who had died Before the cross back up with Him. He went to Abraham's bosom to do that. It was the gift of salvation that God gave all of us.

Referring back to your first post #8 -- preachers can use KJ / NKJ / ESV / NAS to teach Scripture -- and the Bible that we have is Not in chronological order of when the individual books were actually written.

Pastors usually preach what the Holy Spirit leads them to preach. Some preach by topics -- going through the Bible and collecting all the verses on a particular subject. Organizing them and sharing with the congregation. Others do book studies.

Pastors Should be encouraging their people to read Bible on their own, also. Not just relying on what the pastor is teaching. And he should Also be encouraging his people to reach out into the community sharing with friends / neighbors as the opportunity arises.

There are systematic Bible reading schedules that a person can follow for their personal reading. One plan Is reading the various books in the order in which they were written / chronological . Another plan is starting in Genesis in the morning and in the New Testament / Matthew in the evening. Reading a few chapters at a time. That gets a person through the entire Bible in a year.

And it's Also a good idea to get into a Sunday School / adult Bible study class as well. That way a person can ask questions / share with others in the class.
Hi Frank please take a look at John 15:1-8 for explanation upon your matt verses. There is no perfect church out there unfortunately, but there are some church's you may wish to become a part of by following these ideas.1. When I first entered a new church mingle with the others,this was hard for me because I am not a real people person to start out with,but hey if one does not seek,how will one ever find?? lol

What you are looking for among the sheep is a center foundation they all seem to have one mind on. LOVE! A general concern for one another.2. By speaking with them be shrewd( Matt 10:16) If they are backbiting towards the pastor or divided among themselves,pass on it. However if you have hope that you could fit in with the gifts the Lord has given you, then research further!

3. When I found this out for myself,I looked into the meat of where there pastor was looking to lead them,I then talked to the pastor to confirm. I asked him where he believed the Lord was leading this body of Christ? And when the pastor said" to bring all the body of Christ into being convinced of who each is in Christ Jesus,and making sure each fruit tasted good".( 2 Tim 1:12-14) Holy Spirit in me said "you have arrived" I joined.

Prayer is very important because if you are like me in any way I hate surprises. lol Now you ask this question for yourself. Would they wish for me to become a partaker of them? What can I offer this body of Christ? Church my friend is not about what you receive only, but also what one can give to the body to cause its strength in Christ Jesus to increase! We had our up's and down's together,but we endured together as well!! Hope some of these thoughts help you as well. blessing!
One last point Frank!! BE TEACHABLE! Confirm through God's Word EVERYTHING!!! ( 2 Cor 13:1) Do not go in there thinking your all that and a bag of chips!! ( Rom 12:3) lol. It is not a painful experience,I should say it does not have to be a painful experience,and won't be as long as you understand how to keep your peace even as Jesus kept his!!( Phil 4:7-9!!!!!!!!!) Have fun!!
Christ was God in the flesh. God had to come in the flesh body as Christ to be able to get down on flesh man’s level. I don’t think a flesh body could stand the intensity of being in front of God Almighty’s brightness in His Glory. That is the reason when we die in these flesh bodies, our souls/spirits are automatically placed into that finer body, the same body make up as the angels. Christ tells us that. Matt 22:30. Are as the angles of God in heaven. Upon death we go before God for a pre judgment to see if one overcame or the one must go through the millennium. We keep our own souls/spirits but God places us in that new finer body like the angels.

Might add that angles are not a little boy figures with wings. They do mighty works, they fought long side God to spoil Satan’s rebellion at the foundation. They have been battle proven. Their GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT, took place at that time period and God found them Justified, meaning they overcame at that time. This group that fought along side God to spoil Satan’s attempted coup, is known in the Bible as the Elect, or the very Elect. They proofed themselves loyal to God at that time. On their own free will they chose to fight lone side God at Satan’s rebellion. God knows their true heart and mind and will use them to further His plan of salvation as needed.
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Beresheet -- the Great White Throne judgement hasn't happened yet. Oh, you're saying that Angels will have their own great White Throne judgement.

And, yes, there's an entire realm of just angels -- they had been created Before us and are a little higher than we are. They are in the heavenly realm. We are in the earth realm.

You're suggesting that the 'battle proven of the angelic world are really God's elect?! Angels are angels and people are people. God's elect are People. Not angels.

There Are several Kinds of angels with various jobs. And, yes, there Was a rebellion in heaven. Lucifer / satan/ led that rebellion Against God. Lucifer was kicked out along with the other angels who rebelled. And I'm thinking that Archangel Michael was the one who kicked Lucifer out.

Ya won't find anywhere about angels being justified. They didn't have to prove themselves through battle to be good angels. Where do you get that stuff. Oh, ya, it's all from your 'deeper insights into Scripture'.

The angelic world has nothing to do with our salvation. God doesn't need anyone's help with our salvation. God Does use Us to share the Gospel unto salvation with those around us. And God, the Holy Spirit Does 'call' people to go to other countries to share that Gospel unto salvation with all who will listen.
Find a group that is kind and loving, a group that has genuine concern for one another. If there isn't that real love for one another, then no matter how technically correct the teachings are it will be of no benefit.
Real love places a responsibility on you. Love isn't ingratiating yourself or just trying to please. Real love speaks the truth.
Love is the most important thing. God is love.
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How about a church that teaches God's Word -- is mission-minded. Has outreach into the community with the aim of sharing the Gospel unto salvation with all who will listen.

We are to "love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind (first) and our neighbor (those around us) as ourselves.

Correct Biblical teaching is necessary. We are to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And, yes, teaching with love is important.

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