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I thought Brian was my soulmate until...

he cheated on me for someone that I used to live in the group home with about five years ago. I really loved him and its ashame that I had to leave with the baby but he deserves it b/c no one deserves to be around that in the home I used to live in. My son was with them when she came over b/c I just got paid and I paid the bills for him and got him cigarettes and I paid for the cds he wanted for his birthday also did all the clothes for me, the baby and him. I miss him at times but I don't understand why he did that to me. The last week I lived there I had to leave b/c when people that called for me they would hang up or tell them I wasn't home and I was. Also there was drugs in the house where I used to live (weed and wet) I get stomachaches when people smoked wet at the other house I used to live. Also Brian was selling weed the last month I lived there. I really loved Brian but he messed up for me and the baby. I love my son and these people were saying I don't and all I wanted to do was to go to work and get away from the baby and I didn't. I was always taking care of the baby day/night even when I had to get up for work this baby would wake me up @ 4:45am to want to eat or play and I would. I was called many names like curse words. Also they would starve me for days and would feed Brian b/c he was on their side for things they said to him about me that were negative. Its ashame someone that they only knew for about two years made them against me b/c they was starving like me and get their drugs weed or wet to turn against Diana b/c she is the bad guy but in the end I was the good guy to take a loving baby out of a home that he doesn't belong in; Brian has a big family with 3 brothers and 5 sisters in it and his brother, Markie told him to stay with me and stop bringing those girls over b/c I knpw that Diana will take the baby with her and I won't be able to see him and Brian ignored him and did what his sister told him rather than Markie.
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