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I Think I am Being Watched!!

LOL. I am reminded of a simple item here, as I reflect upon these tiny purple binoculars that let me know I am being "watched," haha. I don't mind at all. Long ago I accepted that as a child of light, everything shall be one day brought to light anyhow. Makes sense simply to be ahead of the curve here and wear everything on my sleeve eh? However, this does give me cause to pause; and reflect upon anything that may be being overlooked in my walk, simply in ignorance of the fact that Father is watching my whole life's story as it unfolds. I can relate to David in his Psalms: "Forgive me my unknown faults oh Lord," and "Search me to see if there is anything within me that is contrary to your Word." It is truly a heavy undertaking to be brutally self-honest and accountable when it may feel as though "no one is watching." Sins in secret are no less sin.
In the end let us know that nothing happens outside the Lord's knowledge, so we do well to ensure our "less visible," stains are washed too; because truly are we being watched!