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I Remember The Days when we had Fellowship White and Black together, You here the sound from Outside and you could just walk in


Back between the mid 70's and early 90's, any time during the week, Just ride down the street and you could here "The Saints of GOD" especially "The Pentecostal Church" Doors during midweek, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians, Holiness, Asians, Having real Church, babies jumping up and down, with bottles in their mouths and waving there hands, and singing too! and we all knew the same songs! It be 12 midnight before we got out! It remind me of "Dietrich Bonhoeffer" the Theologian from Germany came to America to Visit, And in New York He stop at the church in "Union Theological Seminary" He could hardly speak English, but said: these Black folks know how the have church, He said His soul was on Fire, He said I start jumping! He became a "Fellowship Professor" there, and they still have "The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Day" today.

Back in the day When They went to church, it was too "Have CHURCH"! And sometime before the Preacher gives his message, "Church is over and it is time to go Home" He would be mad, The Pastor try calm everybody down. LO.L Anybody in the service might get fired up, young, old man, Grandma, stand up and start Testifying and confessing their sins, Another start singing a Hymn, another start crying, music get going, And that Holy Ghost, hit them, people get up out of their seats and start running! LOL! hollering, Thank You Jesus, Thank you Jesus, And they don't even belong to that church! AZUSA all over again.

Today christians do not understand what having church is today! "Real Fellowship"!

It ain't like it used to be. We use to have church, It is a difference in going to a church and having CHURCH!
Mom told us..... way back in the late 30s early 40s She and some friends loved to catch the ferry to go to the church across the bay. Young, un afraid , white teens girls , welcomed to the black churches. Grandma and Grandpa's church was kinda stuffy and proper. Stuffy and proper is great for those who are comfortable with it.

Your post also reminded me of a 'Carmen' song .. i will have to go on a search now...