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I realized something ( WILL, FAITH, POWER)

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I had a light bulb moment I believe.

Often times when pushing to walk the straight and narrow path it can seem as if (to me) that I'm doing it
wrong because I'm trying too hard. For some reason I have imagined that though the Christian walk should be hard,
at times I feel like I'm trying too hard. My thoughts go to, I must be doing this wrong because I'm putting forth
so much effort and as a Christian I thought Jesus is suppose to be here sharing the load with me and helping me.

Sometimes pushing in our power and strength can lead to us eventually giving up because it seems like we can't
sustain that effort indefinitely and we quit. Then I thought about the WORD of God and His promises.
I think about how often when we are pushing towards standing firm we don't root or ground or frame our
struggle in the context of scripture and the Bible promises. Thus we are fighting without grasping in hope
for a desired end.

For example, someone battling depression may be feeling weak and after just
pushing and not getting anywhere they may just quit. But if that struggle was framed
in the WORD Isaiah 40:31 ( 1 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint
then they can see an end in sight and gain the strength to stand.

I think many Christians (maybe not on this forum but others) don't know the WORD, and thus
during hard times don't call upon the WORD for strength. Thus they lack power in the struggle
and their struggle is framed in a way in which they feel like they are pushing all by themselves.
But when we know the WORD and God's character, love, faithful, and His promises. I believe
it allows us to stand during those hard times.

Thus I believe it becomes not a matter of how strong our will is (Not by might or by power but by my spirit says the Lord..)
but how strong our faith is in believing what God has said.

Thus in struggles I try to not focus on am I fighting hard enough, or giving it all my (though we should give God all our heart, body, mind, soul, & strength),
but I try to focus more on what does God's WORD say about my particular situation. Do I believe it? And since I do believe it, how does living that truth
look like? The my focus is on His WORD and Believing it. His WORD for my particular situation and believing it. Not speaking of private interpretation of
the scripture just personal application.
this is so good and biblical as well !!! thanks for sharing. the word is everything !!! I bet we would be shocked to find out how many Christians have not read the bible even once let alone daily reading.

THe word the word the word !!!!! it is the answer to life,how to live life.

you know even if your not a believer if you live life according to the proverbs you will have a better life.

Praise the Lord brother
Amen so true.

I'm going to make an assumption and say especially for many high in the faith such as believes on TJ community.
I find for myself that at the spiritual level that I feel that I am at, which is very high compared to the totality
of my life, (comparing myself to myself in my journey, not to others) I can say that I find the WORD is literally food for my spirit. I need to consume it daily and at
mass quantities to maintain where I'm at spiritually. I sometimes listen to 1-3 sermons a day via audio. Not a substitute for going
to church (which I do) but during the week I need desperately to feed on the WORD to live.

Similar to a body builder who needs to take in a certain ratio of grams of protein in proportion to their body weight,
I think us in the faith who are spiritually higher and fighting higher level demons and drawing the attention
of the enemy because we are knocking down the gates of hell, must be diligent to feed our spiritual muscles
and feed on the WORD regularly.

Praise the Lord brother.
Yeap I am with you, for me this is the most I have ever been close to God, I am in the word every morning,(2 hrs for the last few months) and then sermons during the day on you tube most of the time. It has given me a much more eternal perspective. Making me realize we are responsible for what we do with our time. you want to see where someones heart is, find out what they do with the spare time. The spiritual disciplines that every believer should be practicing on a regular basis are really the tools to get closer to God. attending church, praying, fasting, bible study, serving others. All these help us develop our Christian walk.

Now I am getting hungry to share the gospel with people, this is a new beginning for me in this department. I have only just recently started going out of my way to share my faith with other people, who probably in the past I would not of brought the subject up. I am a terrible communicator and need much help in this area, please pray for me.

I love the way you say comparing my life to my life, man I can so relate, it is really a miricle how my life has been changed and transformed, I have come long way, but I realize I have a long way to go. But seeing the difference brings tears of Joy sometimes.

Such a blessing to read your hunger for God and watch your walk on here
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It makes you wonder, why you have to study so much, and others don’t, and the enemy attacks you more than others, in all kinds of ways, and you know the Lord is permitting it to happen because of who you are in Christ Jesus. You know it is all about what we are going to be and He is shaping us and molding us. “Consider it not strange” Jonathan Edwards once said, It seem like he study more than others and it kinda bother him, until he came across a piece John Calvin wrote. It said: if it seems, like you have to study, more than others, fret not, “it is a gift from God”.