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I need spiritual healing fast

Staff Member
My "ex" girlfriend whom I met online in September but haven't actually seen yet...because she said she has "cancer" and lied the entire time. I am beyond devasted emotionally and need your prayers for my healing both spiritually and emotionally. I gave to much and got this pain in return. Please pray for me and for her correction of heart and attitude. I cannot believe someone would pull something so disgraceful and shameful like this at all. She is very evil now I know and I wasted all my time, money and effort into nothing but pain instantly.

Please pray for me!

God Bless You.
:wink: Hi Chad,
I'm very sorry that this happened to you, but keep your eyes on Jesus and He will heal your heart. Some people will do these things to use, and manipulate other's. But, I do pray right now, In Jesus Name that your heart heals, and I ask Jesus to give you someone who is righteous and that is a follower In His ways and who will make you happy. I ask In Jesus Name that the Lord's will, will be done. Amen
hey Chad. . . i decided to start reading from the get go, sometimes looking in the past helps seeing the steps we have made so far;. . .and found this. .

"I need spiritual healing fast" (hehe I want some too) but it touched me. . . I wonder if you had time to let your Spirit be healed and if you are in peace with this subject? :love: peeps
There is some real messed up people out there chad.I was affected by a similar situation several years ago and i am still clueless as to her actions.Who knows if people like this in the quiet of the night actually think about what they have done and feel remorse?Id like to think so.Your in my prayers bro.
Staff Member
Thanks everyone, pretty interesting how this old thread got re-hashed back up :)

Well, over time I realized a lot. One, was still a baby Christian at that time and since then I am amazed and grateful for how much I've grown and matured as a Christian, thanks to GOD.

I realized that I stepped foot into a place totally deceived obviously, but I also sinned against GOD. It was a test that I failed I'm assuming, but GOD taught me and disciplined me and I can say that was a blessing that GOD forgave me for my part and hopefully hers.

I also realized that this person is obviously mentally sick one way or another. I could be wrong, maybe she's the devil for all I know. I prayed for her back then and once in a blue moon again when she pops up in my head. Very sad, but I'm certainly made strong though such things.

Some lessons learned:
- don't waste time with online dating unless it is clearly Christan based
- don't play silly or stupid when it comes to love, sex, morals and everything in between
- don't send expensive flowers each week and box of candles each month, period. If your married, you did not hear this from me.
well i am glad you are feeling better Chad.. i wouldnt give up on meeting ppl online.. sometimes it works out.. my now wife i met online in a christian AOL many moon ago.. i had been praying for months to meet a christian girl and one day out of the blue this girl IMs me while i was sitting in a chat room.. long story short.. we have been married for 4yrs 3 months now and life with her is the best relationship i have ever had.. ( when gods got your back and you do things his way you cant fail!) god can use anything to find you a wife/husband..
God Bless you Chad. Maybe this was to help you grow stronger and learn what you just said. Just look at it how I do. Make the best of every situation, and give your all to God.

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love: