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I need some advice and ideas on how to run my English Club.

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Hello everyone,

I am going to run an English Club with a view leading every member to speak English very well. All the members are pupils who attend or attended secondary schools. And a parent must fill in and sign a written permission or authorization so that I avoid every kind of accident. And I also wrote a code that al the parents must know.

Indeed the club works during the academic or school year until May and in the summer we keep on the activities. This year I would like to invite the parents to come and see what their children are able to say in English and i woud also like to reward the children.

I need you to tell me what should be done and avoided so that every child speak english fluently. I encourage the children who have brothers or sisters at home to join our Club provide they get interested in the Club activities then they cna practise their English together when they are at home.

For now I cannot use my laptop because i was robbed and I have no material then I have to do with what is necessary and that I have.

Most activities we haveduring the Club are dialogues, interpreting, games (spelling, alphabet, yes or no questions) interview and songs. Thy very often dislike practising poems and the interview I plan to lead with does not work well because most pupils don't speak English when joining the Club. There is also a letters exchange programme. There is also time for explaning a lesson in French to help them improving their results in class. And the lesson can be explained or given by one of us I mean even a pupil.

The Club is not open to university students except when we are on holidays.

My goal, I aim at finding one my pupils to replace the leader I am for they should know we need to work together in order that we reach development in all domain within our society. And they must also understand that no one is eternal where he or she is.

The other battle is about the parents who neglect English and do nbot find it very important. Some pupils who are in high school are going to sit for the national high school leaving certificate then they wil go to university. They all study science and their English is good for several of them.

Thanks in advance for giving me some advice and ideas.

Thanks for reading my subject and praying for my pupils, their parents and me.

Proverbs 29:1 New International Version - UK (NIVUK)
"Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes
will suddenly be destroyed – without remedy."
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i really don't have much advice but that you seek the Lord and trust in Him,

i shall be praying that you find the best way forward with what you are looking to do.

Do all to His glory, no matter what.

Bless you ....><>
Give it to the Lord in prayer, lay it at His feet, be sure it is what he wants you to do before moving forward. I say this with all respect my friend, as there are so many things you appear to be unsure of.

If God is in it, He will reveal it.
Trust in the Lord always and give God the Glory.

I am praying for you in Jesus Name.
Hello my brethren,

I did not mention that I have been running the English Club for about five years so it is not my first to lead a Club. But if so, it'd be the first time we end the Club meetings with rewarding the best pupils I mean those who showed more interests. This would be a way to encourage my pupils.

Thanks for all your prayers.

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how are you and how is your teaching going? And, how are your students?

Please keep us updated, when you can

Jesus is Lord

Bless you ....><>
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