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I need Prayer

I need all christians that know without a doubt that God still does miricles, to say a special prayer for my daughter. She is going to have a baby. But yesterday the doctor said that her baby might have down syndrome. So we have to go to Chapel Hill on Wednesday to do some more test. Please say a prayer for her. She is really upset. I've told her that God is in control and that He will take care of her baby. But it saddens my heart to see her upset. Her baby is due in June. I will let you know the outcome of her test. Thank you and God Bless each one of you...
Oh God please bless that baby. Please take the situation into your capable hands and let everything be alright. I pray for peace for mother and child and also for Trish. God please work a miracle for them. Please intervene with your awesome power. We know that all things are possible through you. Help us to trust you and give over every difficulty. Amen

Dear Trish.....Dont stop hoping and expecting and hang onto God with all your might, he will get you through.
With love from Krizzie
I will pray for her, I too was in that position with my last child. I was 37 at the time and the doctor told me, she thought by the blood test that Joel had a increase chance of being downs and they wanted me to have more intenstive testing. Which I did not want to do. I told her whatever sent me we would love. But Mike said I should, just so I would know and not be a wreck the rest of the time and so we could be prepared for this special child. When I went for the test, Joel had more of a chance of being self aborted by the test, than of having downs. I refused the test, so they decided to do a level 2 ultrasound. Which dosen't always catch it. I had the ultrasound and the doctor did ease my mind. Joel was born healthy. We had many praying for us and I believe God still does many, many miracles

I know how you both feel and will pray for her and for you.

Your sister in Christ,

I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to pray for my child and her baby. I told her that ya'll were praying for her and she is doing so much better. Her nerves have completly calmed down. She knows in her heart that her child is going to be alright. I will stay in touch from time to time. Thanks again for everything....
:love: I just got a phone call from my daughter with great news... The doctor called and told her that they re-checked her blood, and that they had made a mistake. Her baby is fine. She no longer has to go for those test. But we all know that God fixed the problem. Praise God.... He is always on time.... Prayer always works...Thanks again. :love: :love: :love:
Praise God for His mercy and love what a blessed outcome. May your daughter continue in good health throughout her pregnancy and that the hand of God is on her child, I pray Lord that you keep this baby healthy during its development and becomes a great blessing to this family.

Jesus is Lord!


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