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I need help. Im embarrassed to ask..

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Mariana, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. I need help, I'm 17 and my mom is really mad at me. I struggled with depression, and was on anti depressants and I stopped taking them one day to another bc I thought I didnt need them anymore. My parents were on vacation while I did this. They were worried. and they're very mad. So many people were there for me and helped me get through some of the withdraw. Now my mom is still mad at me bc I didnt do all the stuff I needed to do around the house when she was gone, I do not follow directions. She is upset bc I keep looking and wanting to talk to my ex that she disapproves of. She told me if things didnt change soon, I need to go to look for new living arrangements. My mom isn't a bad person, she's amazing, she always helps me, and has given me endless support. I get why she's kinda giving up now. Bc of all of this ive been wanting to just end my life, I want to just stop all of this. I even rationalized the decision by telling myself that it will only hurt my family for a little while and eventually it will just pass. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit gave me the strength to do otherwise. I need help, I want things to be better. I keep trying, but I keep messing up. Im a fairly new believer and I want help, I have so many amazing godly people in my life that I know can help me, but I'm embarrassed to tell them. PLEASE HELP. I can't help but cry all the time, and I just want to get this over with. I want to move on and be happy, I WANT TO CHANGE.
  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus sister @Mariana
    I just read this devotional and thought of you. I pray that these words may be a blessing to your grieving spirit.
    With the love of Christ Jesus.
    Smile Again
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  3. I don't know your situation as well as you, and why you are embarrassed to admit you need help, but its one of the most important things we can do as Christians, is KNOW that we are weak and need the help of others. Even those people whose life seems so together compared to yours, have their own problems that get them down, you just don't hear about them. Be glad to pray for you.
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  4. Praying for you as well - God can and will do a mighty work here!
  5. Dont ever give up! There is hope for your future. Please tell people you trust who are godly that you need help. Dont try to fight this alone. Satan is on a rampage cause his time is running out. Dont let him get to you. Trust the Lord.

    I cried a bunch myself today, for different reasons from you, but perhaps you might find encouragement through what the Lord taught me. I wrote about it here:
  6. Hello @Mariana welcome to the forums. I pray you get the support and wisdom here from the members to help you through and help you grow. I'll tell you though, you in a way did answer your cries (so to speak). You said your mom is an amazing person, but you do not follow her instructions. We're called to honor our parents and I'm sure you know this. It's for our good, even theirs' too. Without knowing much about your life and relationships, I'd at least say do that, honor your mother and father and trust GOD to work through you one day at a time. Most of us do not change overnight, despite our cries for GOD to change us in an instant. He's patient with us. That in itself along with His unconditional grace gives life so much meaning alone.
  7. Mariana, I have lived with a person who has been a "manic depressive" (bipolar) for more than 35 years, so I know exactly what you are going through. Number one, never blame yourself for what you have. You never asked for it, or desired it. It is just something many people are born with. All manic depressive people, once they find the right medication that makes them feel somewhat normal stop taking it thinking they don't need it anymore. Don't do that!!! Yes, God can heal this disorder, but until you grow in the Lord and in the power of his strength do not stop taking your medication. This problem you have not only affects you, but also your family. Your parent(s) only want what is best for you, and it hurts them when they see you struggling to get out from under any kind of depression you have. You are not alone as many people struggle with this same thing, and that even in the Church. Your hope can only be found in the Lord, and in his Words that contain the power to restore you to where you desire to be.
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