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I Need Guidance

I Need Prayer For Guidance As I Travel To Another Town To Try And Talk To My Brother About Jesus. My Wife Is Having A Spiritual War In Her Soul And The Devil Is Using Her To Try And Get To Me. He Has Been Filling Her With Lies And Deceit. At Such A Rate That She Now Has A Lot Of Anger And Hatred Toward Me And Other People. She Also Wants A Divorce. She Has Fallen From Christ. Pray For The Holy Spirit To Tell Me What To Say To Her And To Help Me Keep My Cool. The Lord To Keep Any Evil Influences Out Of The Talk.
hey chris .. . i pray that you will find time to prepare yourself in prayer and Gods word as in that you wouldnt know about the Holy Spirit. . .

and then go and tell like you have never prepared yourself :love:

sis peeps

Just keep your cool and let God handle the situation . . walk out with claiming the victory Jesus won at the cross for all of us . .. and send the devil back where he belongs too HALLELUJA