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I need God's Guidance and Blessings; My Friend, too!

Please pray that God would get closer to my mother and myself, that he would help us to understand the word better, and that he would get evil out of us and away from us. We are desperate for God's deliverance from our present situation, and for God to use us for extraordinary things, and puts us in a position where we might bless others in need.

Also, I have a lovely friend named Josiah, who is desperately seeking a greater life, and wants to be closer to God. He is very tired, and frightened, and needs God's encouragement. His mother passed, and he watched his father die in front of him. He is always wondering whether life has any more to offer, and really needs God's love, presence, comfort. Please also pray for him: that God uses him for extraordinary things, and that Josiah becomes closer to the Lord. He is so lonely, and it bothers me, because I know the feeling. His brothers are dangerous, and need God.

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