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I need a new Job

I want a new Job, I want to work in the field of computers and networking. I have a two year certificate in electronics. I corruntly am working in prison as a correctional officer. Its really depressing and it drags me down alot working there. Its a really negative place to work. Glad I dotn live there. I also like to work from home I fixed this pc and really should not be working at all. I just love working on pc broken and running and repairing pcs. To me it like people they all have need that some one to fix them. I have faith God wants me to get out of that type of work.
hey....my boyfriend is really big into working on computers and stuff like that and he just started working for his self....maybe you could think about that..but i don't know that may not work for you..either way i'll be praying for ya....God Bless U.....Brandi