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I Miss Hanni

:rose: Hey everyone, just asking for a special prayer for Hanni. She has been gone from us for a while. Loved her way of accepting the Lord and I pray that she overcomes any difficulties that she is facing. Hanni said she had both feet in the Lord. I pray that this sustains her. Special prayers for a woman who is trying to overcome a heapload of letdowns. She is a special girl and needs our special love for her. Amen: Pixie:rose:
dear pixie sis :love: be of good hope :love: Hanni is around and closer then you think :love: Keep praying for protection and safety in her life as well as healing for her soul :love: thank your for your thoughtful thread, I didnt see it earlier either :love: God bless you :love:
Hi pixie

Thank you Father God for the many wonderful lives you save and make new again.

Bless Hanni and thank you that you will be with her every step of the way helping her to grow in you Lord


(mail me pixie, addy in my profile)

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