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I"M back ( Mandy)

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Hello Everyone,

This is Mandy, I 'm back. i want thank everyone for all your support and e-mails and post. You guys are truley a sons and daughters of God. I hope that I can continue to learn from each and everyone of you on this site. I know that the outcome of my situation you did not agree with but I hope this will not stop us from becomming friends. I am doing well and me and my boyfriend are still together. He still is dealing with it and having a hard time but together can work through it.

thats ok... just remember we're always here for you with prayers and support!!!! even if we are on the other side of the world!!! love u lots!!!
Hi Mandy,

Just as I said before I am here if you need any help and you will always be in my prayers.

hey mandy,
hope you're going ok!!! just wondering how you're going... itd be great to hear an update bout whats happenin for ya these days!!!
God bless,
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