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I love You!

Jesus just told me an hour ago "I love you". It was almost audible and it gave me so much comfort because it was so real and I needed it so much!
How do you feel now?
Did you ever feel good while you were serving God?
Did you ever feel good when you were not serving God?
How do you feel now?

My own answer to the first two questions is, yes. I won't answer the third question for the moment while awaiting any reply from you.
You know evan,i can confirm this as well!! About 10 years ago as i was in prayer i said to the Lord,I know you love me,my problem is do you know i love you? Ah I make so many mistakes daily,as you know,and I just wonder if after all is said and done,do you know I really love you? Many years went by,I never prayed the same prayer again,I know he heard me the first time! LOl So!! i just thanked him for his answer every night,some years later yes years,i was sleeping and about 2am i was dreaming and I saw a GIANT BILLBOARD!! In my head say PROVERBS 8:17!! Why it woke me up out of a sound sleep!! LOL I ran to get my bible to see what it said! " I love those who love me;and those who DILIGENTLY seek me will find me!" i was so thankful Evan even as you are today! So thanks for the reminder! ( James 1:12!!)