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I Love this community!

I found this site searching council for a problem, and I love the support and fellowship that has been built here. I am 28, married with two precious children. I was raised by a strong Christian mother (and a Christian father later in life-praise God!) and truly came to Christ during my first pregnancy. My husband was saved after a very rough time in our marriage after my second child was born. We are very active in our new and small (right now!) Bible church. I work part time and am quitting soon to home school! I'm very very excited about this!!! I look forward to building friendships here and praying for others and sharing my own struggles and praises. God Bless you all!
Staff Member
God bless you sister :)

Glad to see you join and enjoy our community. Please share this site with others you come across.

See you around!
Hey Sister, It's so cool that you love it here. I also love it here. I guess this community is filled with love and that's a good thing. God is Love and we also need love everyone. Well God bless you, come by here as often as you can, we love you
you sis, Tanya
Welcome girlforgod. Praise God for the miracles of finding Christ and for your husband as well. Praise God for the miracles He will continue doing in your lives. I look forward to fellowshipping with you.
Welcome sister. Its so great to have you here. There are many brothers and sisters who would love to meet you in live chat. God Bless you.
hi girlforGod,

i am glad you have found this site and i am especially glad you and your husband have accepted Christ as your focal points in your lives.

i am also a recently newbie here, but i would now no longer visit others as this place is the one where i have found true fellowship. true fellowship, with its love, its understanding, its hope, its questioning and guidance, its empowerment, its constructive criticism, and above all its foundation on Christ.

i hope and pray, and trust that the Lord will bless this place and enable it to remain a place where His truth and light is its only intent

welcome again

may our Lord bless you and your family