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I love Jesus

I've been christian all my life. I was born into a metodistfamily, got baptist in the spirit when I was 15, baptist in water in a pentecostchurch when I was 20, has been into faitmovement and the late 8 years I've been a member in a carismatic lutheran chuch.

I have found Jesus in all the churches. I will not tell why I left. Most of the times I followed my husband.

I love the church I belong to today. It is open to what God i doing today. Thats the most importent thing to do, no matter what church you join.
Calmo you are right. ;-))
It is the important for me that we have Jesus in our Life. So its ok what kind of Church someone is. We are Brothers and Sisters in God also a big Family all over the World.God bless you all. :love: