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I love Jesus - Io amo Gesù

When I was a child, I used to pray every evening.I prayed one day that I should be able to visit Africa to help little children who are very poor and haven't nothing to eat.
When I was sixteen, I was unexpectedly sick and unable to walk and I visited all the hospitals in our place, but the test results were negative.When I took my phone a doctor saw my hand shudder and told me that am having psychological problem.
Then at that moment I understood that here, where I live everyday, there are a lot of people with different problems. I am willing to help these people if I can.
In Africa there is a catastrophe, but maybe my neighbor has a problem and anyone to say that and stays near his. My friend have correct my text. Do you want to help me to study english again?
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @Haziel
It is always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to this Christian Online Community.
When our eyes are opened to see. We realize that it is all people both near and afar who need help. We also realize that only through Jesus will any permanent change happen in this world.
Once again welcome to Talk Jesus Haziel.
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I am glad you are here as well!
When you know Jesus Christ as your Savior. With Him comes the understanding that it is not your life to take. You truly belong to Him. In all that you go through in life. The ups and down, He will travel with you and see you through it all. Waiting at the end to welcome you home.
Thanks. I have always believed in and loved Jesus who helped me many times in my life. The day I made this gesture was on the railing and I said, Jesus, if I have to die that it is, otherwise, help me out of this hell. After I met the person I love in a clinic and now live together. I'm fine, but I take the medicine again.
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The foundation you have set in your life in Jesus Is the Rock that will anchor you in this life as you continue to grow in knowledge of Him.
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Hello @Haziel welcome to the forums!

God will grant you the desires of your heart according to His will and strengthen you (2 Timothy 2:1). Just believe!