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I Learned Why Coffee Makes My Eyes Hurt!

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Bendito, May 6, 2018.

  1. That made me smile brother @Bendito, as I sit here sipping my morning coffee.

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  2. Somebody at work today brought in some special pricey coffee called AR 47. Its sold by a gun manufacturer that does a side business of specialty coffees. It was smooth, good taste, probably the best coffee I ever had. But it was about 4 times more expensive than standard coffee. Saw the post about coffee and thought I would share. Does anyone here dab in specialty coffees? That was the first special type coffee I ever had, and prior to it, I always thought coffee smelled better than it tasted.
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  3. Would you believe? I drink Zavida 100% Colombian at $53 per 2 oz pouch? I don't. LOL

    A friend went to Hawaii and when she come home she gave me a pouch of that Kona Coffee from Hawaii...It tasted like boiled socks
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  4. Greetings @Brad Huber @Bendito

    I drink weak instant decaf coffee.:smile:

    I like the smell but not the taste of those posh strong ones.
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  5. Ewwwe! Instant coffee? So what you're saying is 'You've never tasted real coffee?'
  6. I have sipped a few strong real coffees brother @Bendito but find them all rather too strong and bitter.
    By real coffee I mean from ground beans.☕
    Is that what you mean by real coffee?

    Australia is a coffee crazy place with deli's everywhere selling what they claim to be tbe best coffee in town.....most of it tastes awful.
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  7. As a professional driver I found it was extremely difficult to get a good cup of coffee..I started carrying my own brewer and coffee. Making coffee by the side of the road!
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  8. Yup...Grind the beans and brew it strong. I use an espresso blend. Strong and mellow. The bitterness is an indication of a not so good coffee. It should be mellow going in and mellow aftertaste as well. I have to laugh, because many people that have visited us in Canada from the US and from the UK have bought my brand of coffee to take home with them. It tastes like coffee, not drain cleaner.
  9. Dear Sister!
    As a Moderator I must bring it before the Administrator for the deletion of this post!
    Instant Decaf is the highest order of deceit one can find when the discussion of Coffee is being discussed!!!!! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I'm just caught a chill thinking about....have to....drink......burr....have to grab and hug my self grounded bag of coffee beans from Kenya to lose the thought of having to drink....burr.....

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  10. Oh by the way. I thought I share what the meaning of Coffee stands for...................

    C - Christ
    O - Offers
    F - Forgiveness
    F - For
    E - Everyone
    E - Everywhere


    Saw a T-Shirt with this on it. Just need to find one to fit :)

    God Bless!
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  11. Sorry.....There is no megalike button.

  12. Dear brothers @Christ4Ever and @Bendito

    Have sympathy with someone so young (in comparison to you mature gentlemanly connoisseurs that is:happy:).

    My tastebuds are not yet ready to deal with the real thing.:smile:

    My order is a "half strength, skinny, flat white decaf"

    Whats yours gentlemen?
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  13. Sent from a mobile device
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  14. I dont like most coffee, as you say, its usually bitter. But with all the sweet stuff in the world, its easy to get over sweeted and coffee is a good counteraction to it. I often drink it in the early mornings before I go to work to help stay more awake. It smells great. As to better coffee, well suffice it to say, I have better things to spend my money on then more expensive, more addictive coffee. I am glad its bitter, sometimes I like the bitter taste, and usually the internal heat that comes with it. And the bitterness means one reason I am less likely to get "hooked" on the more expensive, more caffeinated brands. More caffeine plays havoc with my body and I see how people keep increasing caffeine intake to stay more alert, and the Holy Spirit tells me thats not good for the body. Sorry guys, our bodies are important, as more than just temples of the Holy Spirit, they carry us through a life that God wants us to fulfill things in and if we screw up our bodies too much, we will be unable serve the Lord on this earth and He needs us here. There are so few willing to do His work here on earth. Hope I dont come off as preaching, but I have health issues BECAUSE I spent a lot of my lfie doing what I want, eating what I want, the greasier and fattening, the better, stuff that gives me heartburn, the shakes, diabetic problems.
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  15. Hot black strong but mellow....If I'm a good boy I'll dose it with cream....occasionally.
  16. LOL My daddy used to say "Coffee ain't worth drinkin unless it'll float a mule shoe."
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